Kabbalah Your Map to Enlightenment

     If you are on a crossroad right now and is lost with what to do with your life then you may be in need of a spiritual awakening. Maybe that sense of purposelessness and confusion is already a spiritual awakening but the problem is you don’t know which path to take to have a better understanding of yourself, your situation and the reality. This is where kabbalah, kabalah or cabala helps. This ancient wisdom of more than four thousand years may be the answer to what you desire the most and may be what you need during that dark part of your life.

But what exactly is kabbalah? For thousands of years, kabbalah remained to be mysterious and misrepresented. This is because only a few are able to learn kabbalah because the terms are not easy to understand. To put it simply, kabbalah, kabalah or cabala is actually a system of symbols and codes. These symbols and codes are used to study the deeper connection of the varying aspects of reality. Kabbalah is the answer for our needs of spirituality as presented by the complex system of thought. It is believed that Kabalah was given to men by the Lord’s messenger known as the Metatron.

For some cabala is a unique science. Others science like geography and geology aims to enrich our knowledge about the world but kabalah aim to enrich us with knowledge about ourselves. Kabbalah is the science that reveals all the physical and spiritual law that is used to govern the human souls and the cosmos. It may sound a little far fetch and unrealistic but many are being drawn to this Jewish mysticism. With a good reason, kabbalah is considered by many as the oldest wisdom and secret of the world.

The most important symbolism in cabala is the kabbalistic tree of life. Kabbalists (people who practice kabbalah) believes that the kabbalistic tree of life symbolizes nature or reality. The tree of life or popularly known as Etz Haim is considered to be the best way to have a deeper understanding of the reality, situation or a person. It is composed of ten enumerations known as sephiroth which is the plural form of sephira. Another important factor for kabbalah is the kabbalistic astrology which is said to be the key to understanding more of yourself with a deeper understanding of your birth date and zodiac sign.

You will get to know more terms like sepher yetzirah and gematria when you learn kabbalah online. If your goal is to learn kabbalah and more about Jewish mysticism and you want to do it in an easy to understand way, then learn kabbalah online. Because of the growing popularity of kabalah, many resources were put up online to make cabala easy to understand. You can also go into the exoteric section of any bookstore to look for books, manuals, printed materials about kabbalah.

Since there are many complicated terms in Judaism and in the study of kabbalah, many find it to be a complicated process. But thanks to the internet, kabbalah became easy to understand.

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