Just got a new DVD Media, Blank DVD Internal Burner

     I just bought a DVD writer that not only uses Blank DVD, but also will record onto most Blank Media. I was looking to replace my old stand-alone Teac CD recorder which I have had for ages and being in the industry I thought it would be about time to invest in a new DVD Media burner. I set out to buy another stand-alone unit at first, but after several hours looking about on the internet I thought it would be a much better idea to buy a DVD Mediaburner that fits into my PC. The main difference was that the internal type of Blank Mediaburner will not only record on to Blank DVDbut also CD's and most other formats of blank media. Also the speed that the internal recorders can operate at is fantastic, up to 52x for the cd and 16x for the DVD Discs, plus being able to use most formats of blank media like dual layer Blank DVD, an internal recorder was just something I could not pass on. So I decided to go to my local store and get one.

I talked to a very experienced sales man who said the Plextor drive was one of the best. It looked good and the specification was just what I needed. So I handed over my hard earned cash and took the unit home. Well installation was a nightmare! To be fare it was not a problem with the Teac internal DVD Mediawriter, but with my PC. After several hours of trying to get it to work and going through about 23 Blank DVD(which was not cheap) I thought "I am getting know where here", so I decided to call my friend {Otto|Plush Otto. Otto is a wizard when it comes to IT and has much more experience than I in trouble shooting problems with networks and PCs. Well after about an hour he got it all going. It turned out I had a driver conflict due to a printer I had installed ages ago. Anyway after a couple of beers Otto and I decided to make our first burning. It was funny because to be honest we had had one (or two, maybe three) to many beers we decided to rip some games and see if we could make backups of them. Well it worked! I managed to make a backup of super Mario for my Nintendo game station. Using some software Otto had with him which we installed on to my PC we just put the game in the DVD Mediaburner and it read the DVD Discsstraight onto my hard drive. Then when it had finished burning it asked for a Blank DVD. Then it was just a matter of waiting for the burn to be completed. We tested the disc in the Nintendo and it worked.

Since then I have copied loads of discs and created some original work as well. I just love my DVD recorder. The only thing I would say is stick to good quality Blank DVDas I have found the cheaper DVD Media does not always play back on other peoples players.

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Steve qubeck

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