Join A Wine Business in Thailand

     Invest your time and cash in a worthwhile life adventure.

Putting good money into a foreign business must always be a challenge. But when the rewards stack up then the uncertainties are worth the effort. Being part of a budding vineyard (with some good history) must be desirable for many; warm climate, exotic flowers and plants, tasting and talking about wine to fellow expats, savoring a myriad of Thai dishes, traveling to exciting tourist resorts; Pattaya, Patong, Phuket, Samui Island, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, River Kwai, Bangkok and so many more sensational places.

Take part in the activities and decisions.

Joining a new business anyway is a thrill but doing this in the Land of Smiles carries that extra delight for us all. With this start up vineyard and wine sales organization, you are asked to participate in its management decisions and to carry out a useful function in its activities. You can be part of the actual grape and fruit growing, or become an expert in the wine making and preparation, or you could travel about and talk about the wine's qualities to prospective fellow English-speakers. There are thousands of expats living in Thailand who run businesses, restaurants, bars and so on and of course most Thai owners also speak passable English. If communicating seems a stumbling block why not take an interpreter along with you?

The history of this organization is good.

Some of those in this venture also were involved in another wine marketing company a few years back. The company decided to close, not due to lack of sales but because of growing difficulties at the vineyard, with water, land issues, and climate problems. It was decided to close and start up again in a better location, with more land and lots of water. That site has now been found and the first rows of grapes have been planted. New investors are wanted now to contribute to the financial input of course but also to form part of the new management team.

Grow grapes at a remote but ideal location.

The location is ideal with more than 20 acres or 10 hectares (70 rai) of rolling land surrounding a group of lakes. There's an island which currently is home to dozens of geese, chickens and ducks. The property is a neighbor of famous waterfalls and hot springs and the main lake is actually on top of an underwater spring, which provides cool water to the lake.

Sell wines in hot tourist spots around Thailand.

The planned wines include traditional whites and reds, plus a small range of raw wines made from Perlette, Shiraz and other grapes and exotic Thai fruits. One important activity for someone in the team is to travel with a range of wines to the thousands of potential customers all over the country, to offer tastings with the invitation to place a trial order. Based on the group's past experiences with their previous wine, this will be successful and easy to achieve. The reason is simple; the wines are good, economic, and an important point is that there is little competition due to the Thai government's huge import taxes levied on imported wine.

Make enough money to live comfortably in paradise.

Get rich quick? Perhaps not! But this endeavor is destined to make money for its participants. Certainly more than enough to live on and have sizable bank balances to enjoy the good life as well.

Start a gripping way of living ... a new life!

Are you thinking of making a change in your own way of life, while you still have enough years left to do something meaningful and gripping? If this is so then this project may be suitable as it presents most of the desirable 'Yes' answers to points usually raised by potential expats; Can I make enough money to live well? Is the weather warm and sunny? Is this a dream of mine? Will my family and I be happy?

Live with nature at a breath-taking lake resort.

You can live anywhere; the choices are enormous. This ventures provides the chance to live in a beautiful locations with a large lake; swimming, fishing. You will have to live in a small hut which has many mod cons, unless you decide to spend around 10% of what a house would cost at home, to build your own lakeside home. A 4x4 vehicle will be needed in the wet season but this means you can also visit many of the wonderful tourist destinations that abound in this area.

Live near hot springs and spectacular waterfalls and national park.

Natural hot springs with energy providing minerals are everywhere around. Spectacular river trips are enjoyed by the few tourists that venture here. The list goes on and once you know the actual region you can learn more about this exciting and progressing tourist destination.

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Start a new life overseas. Everything is ready for you to help with a new vineyard & wine sales group starting in Thailand. Expertise and local history are present. An overseas investment of time and cash is expected.

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