Israeli Coffee – Discover Its Main Differences From The Traditional Turkish coffee

     Israeli coffee is one of the unique voices of Middle East. Its name is an updated version of the former Turkish one ('kafe Turki'). Some existing differences though make it an exclusive asset of the Israeli culture. The name of this beverage used to be Israeli Turkish coffee for a long time. Political reasons however emerged this new name. The religious status of Israel also contributed to its name another well known one; Jewish coffee.

The main differences of Israeli coffee to the original Turkish one can be found (1) in the coffee grounds used and (2) in the brewing method followed. The cultural dissimilarities are more than obvious since both nations come from different religious backgrounds.

Coffee grounds differences

Israeli coffee grounds derive from dark roasted beans and are almost the same as the Turkish ones. The differences however come (a) from the use of spices and (b) from the religious subject of the kosher certification. These two factors contribute a lot to Israeli coffee identity, but the kosher issue is the most distinctive.

Cardamom is a very favorable spice in both cultures. In Turkey it is used in some of its regions but the traditional recipe does not recommend it. On the other hand, Israel is using cardamom in great extent. There are even ready brands mixed with ground cardamom.

The Jewish faith followers consider the 'fit for consumption' (kosher) matter as a prime part of their religion. The certification of coffee as kosher is a unique characteristic of Israeli coffee. In order for a brand to receive such documentation a Rabbi must be present to observe the whole production procedure.

Brewing method differences

The making differences of Israeli coffee from Turkish are more noticeable. Israelis have two preparing versions: (a) The conventional cooked method (b) the raw or mud coffee method ('kafe botz'). The brewed type has minor discrepancies from the established Turkish recipe. The raw edition is a pure Israeli feature.

Cooked Israeli coffee recipe

Put 1 demitasse of water for each guest in a special coffee pot ('finjan'). Then place the pot on medium heat and wait until it almost comes to a boiling point. Here we spot one of their main differences. In Turkish coffee water, ground coffee and sugar are put in the pot with the cold water. The heat is settled to low in order to enable the mixture to cook for a longer time.

At this point add the appropriate sugar if used. (1 teaspoon per person is enough for most of the times). Stir well until sugar is completely dissolved. Then mix in the ground coffee (1 teaspoon per person is fine) and cardamom (1 pod or a pinch of powder for every serving). In Turkish coffee making the use of cardamom is limited to certain regions. The most households do not use it and this is how it was introduced to the rest of the world.

Lower the heat and let the liquid reach almost the boiling point. Remove the pot from the heat source and allow froth to settle down. Repeat one more time the same procedure and pour into demitasse cups or the traditional Israeli small glasses. In the classic Turkish recipe foam procedure is followed for three times and is divided partially to demitasse cups every time.

Serve with a glass of water and a small sweet.

Mud coffee recipe

The name of this hot caffeine beverage is derived from its grounds that are left at the bottom of the glass/mug after consuming the hot beverage which look like a mud substance. In a small glass/mug mix 1 teaspoon of ground coffee with sugar-cardamom (if used) with hot water. Stir well and wait for a few minutes in order to let the grounds to settle down.

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