Is There An Afterlife?

     'Is there an afterlife?' This is probably the question that everyone would like answered because death is the one event in our lives that is absolutely certain to happen and consequently gives rise to an element of fear - fear of the unknown.

Many people believe that at death you are totally obliterated; you exist no more. Surely though, if this is the case then logically you would strive to live the most pleasurable life it is possible to have without any regard whatsoever to how you achieve it. So how come even those who believe this theory have what we call a conscience that prevents them from seeking a life without caring a damn for family, friends or other people. Where does this conscience come from?

Religions tend to fall into one of two camps. Firstly, you have one physical life only; make a mess of it and you are headed for hell and damnation but, live beyond reproach and paradise awaits you. This is preached mainly in orthodox western religions. I often wonder just how beyond reproach you actually have to be. The environment you are born into must play a significant part as to how pure you live your life. Someone born into abject poverty and spends his life on the brink of starvation, stands a good chance of being guilty of stealing food in order to simply survive. It is hardly fair on that person to be condemned to hell for following his natural instinct for survival.
There has got to be something more to life's end than that. There has to be some purpose as to the circumstances that we are born into otherwise some souls are at a complete disadvantage from the time that they are born. There has to be a playoff against the odds that are opposed to you.

Could it be that our lives have already been prepared previous to birth as to who our parents will be? Perhaps life has deliberate challenges installed to test our reactions. We could be amassing a record of the results of these challenges. So if we fail on some occasions, a fact that we know is true, perhaps we are continuously reborn to face our failures once more until we conquer them.

If this was true, it would support the theory that is taught in many eastern religions - reincarnation. I have made a study of reincarnation over many years and to me it answers satisfactorily the majority of questions concerning life and death. It is an explanation of why you were born into the circumstances and environment that you were and why you face all those personal challenges of life.

Life after death experiences and near death experience stories are being regularly reported by different members of the public and go even further to add more strength to the idea of there being an afterlife.

Whether or not the theory of reincarnation would give you the answers that you are looking for is a matter for you alone, but unless you can settle on any other explanation to the meaning of life and death, it is well worth looking into.

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James Lexon is an author who has spent over 30 years studying the different spiritual philosophies in a personal quest to find out what life and death are all about. To find out more about James Lexon visit his author's page at .

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