Irish Inventor Of Revolutionary New Product Comes To Buffalo For Launch

     Have you ever gone to dinner or a bar and ordered a soda, I bet you have!! Did you know that nearly 90% of all sodas contain harmful bacteria that could at the very least make you violently sick, but for people that have immune deficiencies, or people that have had organ transplants, or have a low blood cell count, these bacteria can be deadly.

As we all know you see soda guns behind the counter in every restaurant and bar, and it’s not the fault of the bar or restaurant that the nozzles and heads of these dispensers contain bacteria like E.Coli, Fecal Bacteria, Escherichia Coli, Chryseobacterium Meningosepticum to name but a few. Hollins University in Virginia conducted a study where they went to 100 outlets that served soda; they bought a soda in each one, and then preserved it under lab conditions for analyses. What they found was astounding!! 90% of the soda that was analysed contained all of the above bacteria, and the other 10% while not as bad, still contained bacteria. The other problem that they discovered was that there was fly larva in the sodas!! This is because fly’s get up into the head of the nozzle when the outlet is closed, and they lay larva.

So what can we gather from this? It’s simple, every time you bring your family for dinner and they have a soda, or you go to a bar and order a vodka and coke, or indeed just a glass of water, as water is always dispensed through the soda gun, you are consuming harmful bacteria, the only thing that may differ is the levels of bacteria that you consume, but you will consume bacteria, or fly larva.

Why is this? Well it’s simple!! There is no effective way for the head of these soda guns to be cleaned; the design makes it impossible to clean. The other problem is that when a soda is dispensed from the soda gun, it leaves a residue of sugary syrup on the surface of the gun head, which is located inside the nozzle, and we all know from our days in school doing chemistry that a Petri dish that is used for breeding bacteria is exactly the same, it contains a sugary solution, because that is the most effective way for bacteria to multiply, this means that the soda gun head effectively turns into a Petri dish, and any bacteria introduced to the head will multiply. There have are urban legends that you can soak the head of the gun in soda water overnight, this is completely ineffective and is the same as trying to wash an oil based paint from your hands with just water, other people use detergents that taint the flavour of the soda, and no matter how much they try, they can never get rid of the taste of the detergent, which contaminates any drinks dispensed and will never get the head clean anyway. Let’s face it, a soda poured from a soda gun in a bar or restaurant, never tastes as good as one poured from a can or a bottle. Right? It was right

UNTIL NOW Ellickson USA have spent the last 4 years developing a solution to this very serious problem, and that solution is Bev Dok Recognizing the difficulties in maintaining bacteria free equipment Bev Dok has been developed by Ellickson Europe, a leader in beverage delivery technology. The impracticalities of dismantling a soda dispenser in order to clean it mean that this task is traditionally performed only when the bar is closed. The usual method of cleaning and immersing the component parts in a bleach solution or soda water, then reassembling are not only time consuming, they have been recognized as ineffective.

Bev Dok is an easily installed, closed loop system which takes minimal space behind the bar. It is very easy to maintain, economical and proven to be completely effective in keeping the soda gun nozzle totally free of bacteria and bio-film build up. It utilizes an organic, tasteless and safe sterilizing solution in conjunction with a flushing system which cleans the soda gun nozzle every time the soda gun is replaced on the Bev Dok unit. This not only guarantees that drinks are served germ free, but the fact that the soda passes through a completely clean fountain head greatly improves carbonation and drink quality, it’s so good you will think that your beverages were poured from a can or a bottle. So next time you are in your favorite bar or restaurant, make sure they have Bev Dok installed.

Ellickson has just opened a new sales office in Buffalo New York at 300 International Drive, Williamsville, NY they are currently recruiting for their national sales program and senior executives will be available on the night if you would like to discuss the product or a career with the company. The worldwide launch of the product is being held at Lagerhaus 95, 95 Perry Street, Buffalo NY 14203 Tel 716-200-1798 the company is currently recruiting for their national sales program and The inventor of the product Darryl Kavanagh from Ireland and also senior executives will be available on the night if you would like to come along to discuss the product, or get some information on a career with the company. Please feel free to come along.

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Ellickson USA is an extension of Ellickson Beverage, based in Waterford, Ireland. Ellickson entered the US Market in April of 2010 with the sole focus of increasing customers' total sales and profitability from draft beer and beverages. We are the industry leader in "at the table" draft beer management systems. Most recently Ellickson has developed a product to help keep the dispensing of beverages through a soda gun clean and Bacteria free, called Bev Dok

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