In-depth Review of Mozy 2.0 Online Backup Solution

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MozyPro Backup is the commodity of the Decho Corporation which is a totally owned subsidiary of the EMC2 Corporation, a fortune 500 company. Decho was founded in 2005. They currently have head-quarters in Seattle, Washington with subsiduary offices in Pleasant Grove, Utah; London, England; Shanghai, China; Montreal, Canada; and Bangalore, India.
Mozy currently has over one million customers and over 50,000 businesses, securing a total of over 25 petabytes of files – that's twenty-five thousand terabytes or 25,000,000 gigabytes!

Security Abilities
MozyPro is a incredibly secure online backup product. All traffic to and from the Mozy servers is encrypted with 128bit SSL encryption which is the internet standard. Once on the servers your information is encrypted with either 448bit Blowfish technology or your own 256bit AES private key encryption. This is the best available security.
As for actual security, the data centers have continual on-site monitoring and security, state-of-the- art fire detection and suppression power distribution and seismic safeguards that can handle a 7.5 magnitude quake.

Backup Abilities
Mozy provides block level incremental online backups and can be configured to backup either on a specific schedule or constantly in the background. In our tests, it took under 30 minutes to backup 2,048,000bytes of data on a normal 8mbps DSL connection uploading and downloading additional data. Also, because of the block level nature of Mozy's backup application, open or locked files can be backed up easily.
A progress indicator is available if you click on the icon in the system tray. By default Mozy Online Backup protects all the current user's profile files such as documents, music, videos, etc. However, it is a straight-forward task to add or remove folders and files to/from the backup profile. The Home editions do not permit backup of network drives however, the Pro and Enterprise editions do. None of the versions allow backup of removable media.
The business editions – MozyPro and MozyEnterprise – allow online backup solutions to manage Exchange server, SQL server and LDAP directories such as Active Directory and Lotus Notes.

Restore Options
File restore is by request via the web portal, the desktop application or by right-clicking in a folder and selecting restore. Once a restore is requested, the program packages all the files requested into a compressed file and emails you when the restore is ready for downloading. File versioning is setup on all backed up media, so you can opt to restore an older edition of any file you have backed up. Files can be restored to their initial location or to any location of your choosing.

Control and Analysis
Mozy Online Backup fits in with your needs by allowing you to manage how much CPU and bandwidth are obtainable to the system. These can be easily adjusted from the desktop application. Proxy servers are also configurable and Mozy can be setup to use these via the desktop application.
All activity that Mozy carries out is logged and can be examined either from the desktop application or via the web portal.

MozyPro gives a great deal of information and allows centralized configuration and logging which is ideal when managing backups on PCs and laptops that may not even be in the same office. Multiple accounts can be setup as well as multiple devices. A more restricted portal is provided with MozyHome.

Device Support
Currently Mozy Online Backup only supports backup of MAC and PC clients. In addition MozyPro backs up MAC And PC servers.

- MozyHome cannot be applied commercially.
- The basic free account is limited to 2Gb of storage though this can be extended by allowing other people to sign up. For every extra signup you get a bonus of 250Mb of storage.
- There are no limits set on the size or type of individual files.
- There are also no limits on the total amount of data backed up or restored.
- Mozy free allows backup of 2 devices under 1 user account; MozyHome allows upto 5 devices but each additional device will cost $4.95 per month per device.
- Both MozyPro and MozyEnterprise give limitless devices and users but there is a price for each device.
- File retention - the amount of time a file remains available for restore after it has been 'deleted' - is 30 days for all account types.

File Sharing and Collaboration
MozyPro is not a file sharing or collaboration tool. It is a backup product. That being said, it does support sign-in, sign-out and multiple levels of security to an individual file level.

You can synchronize many devices.

Web 2.0 Integration
Mozy does not provide social networking integration.

Customer Support
Mozy's customer support is above average: They give great user guides, detailed FAQs and a knowledge- base. There is also a blog and plenty of testimonials and case studies on their website. Email support is available to all types of accounts, but, phone support is only free to MozyPro and MozyEnterprise users and live chat is not accessible to free users.

Ease of Use
MozyHome is really painless to use. You can go from signup to backup in less than 5 minutes and it truly is a 'set it and forget it' procedure. MozyPro has a slightly harder learning curve but this is understandable since it provides lots more features.

Final words
If you are looking for a reliable, set-it-and-forget-it backup provider that does not cost the earth, is able to grow or contract to match your needs and is a breeze to change then Mozy Online Backup is your model solution. If you are trying to backup many gigabytes of data that changes on a frequent basis then there are better and cheaper solutions available.

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