How to Wake Up On Time Every Time With the Perfect Cup of Coffee

     Waking up on time is something that many of us struggle with, and this is particularly painful as it's something that we have to try and do every single day. For many of us, our every day will being with a painful struggle as our body begs us to stay in bed and we are forced to push it out anyway into the cold outside. Often we will lose this struggle though, and we'll end up sleeping in meaning that we have to rush to work dishevelled and badly presented, or that we'll get behind on the things we need to do at home and end up going to bed later.

There is an art to waking up on time though, and if you combine the right techniques with the right cup of coffee then you might find the whole experience can be made much more pleasant and much less difficult. Here we will look at how.

Something to Lure You Out of Bed

Of course coffee is great at bringing you round when you drink it, and the caffeine is great at helping you to focus more during the day and gain the motivation you need to drive in to work. However, what you will also find is that coffee is great at motivating before you have even had any too, and when you smell it early in the morning or just think about having it, it can be enough to make getting out of bed worth it.

To this end, having a coffee maker that you can set on a timer is a great way to encourage yourself to get up each morning. This will then brew in the morning as you come around, and you will then have the risk of letting it go cold if you don't get up. Even better, if you have the coffee maker in your room (and you can keep some milk in a mini-fridge too), then you'll be able to sit up and come around while you read.

You can also lure yourself out of bed even more effectively by finding other things to make this even more pleasant. I used to wake up for 8am even when I worked from home for instance because I could have a nice warm cup of coffee while watching an episode of Frasier. Today I pull myself out of bed by reading the paper on my Nexus 7 which works well too and by checking through my e-mail and messages. This is a great way to come round and by the time you've finished the coffee you'll find you don't want to go back to bed.

Meanwhile something else I've found is that doing something active with your brain can really help to invigorate you and wake you up. I've lately been playing a boggle-type game app in the morning too, and since doing that I've found I'm much more active and energetic throughout the day. Combined with the stimulating effects of coffee I'm practically buzzing with energy. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean...

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