How to Mix a Cocktail Using a Boston Shaker

     The Boston shaker is one of the most commonly used item for preparing cocktail drinks. A set of a Boston shaker has two main components: a mixing glass (made of glass) and a tight-fitting tumbler (made of metal). A hawthorn strainer usually serves as an accesory for this kind of shaker.

Here are easy and simple steps on mixing cocktail drinks using this type of shaker:

1. Place the ingredients in the mixing glass. Fill up the glass with ice, a little more than halfway.

2. The fit the metal tumbler over the mixing glass at a slight angle.

3. Strike the upturned side of the tumbler two times with the heel of your hand. This is to make a tight seal. Make sure that you hold the base of the glass as steady as possible using your free hand while doing so.

4. Test the seal's strength. To do this, slightly lifit the shaker off the bar while you are holding it by its top end. If the seal is not secure enough, strike the shaker again with the heel of your hand, and then test it one more time.

5. Before you start shaking the cocktail drink, turn the shaker upside down just so the end of the mixing glass is pointing upwards. Place one hand on the bottom of the metal glass and the other hand securely across the top of the mixing glass. This way, in case the seal gets broken, the spill will splash on you and not on your guests.

6. Then shake vigorously to allow the liquid and the ice travel all the way upward into the glass part of the shaker. It is advised that you shake at shoulder level.

7. Shake for 30 to 40 seconds. If your cocktail contains egg white, you have to shake it for a longer time, say 45 seconds to 1 minute. Then put the shaker on the counter with the metal side down. To break the seal, strike the rim using the heel of your free hand, while holding the base firmly. If your first try does not work, try it again on a slightly different angle.

8. The ingredients should be aerated, thoroughly mixed, and chilled at this point. To strain out the ice, place the strainer over the top of the metal glass. Note that there are two kinds of strainers used along with a Boston shaker: the julep strainer and the hawthorn strainer. The latter is the most commonly used type for pouring cocktail drinks from the shaker's metal part. But if you will be pouring from the shaker's glass half, it is best to use the julep strainer. A hawthorn strainer will dribble and create a mess when used with a thick-lipped glass tumbler.

9. Now it's time to pour. To do this, hold the shaker in your hand with your forefinger firmly resting on top. This is to secure the hawthorn strainer. Gently tip the shaker, letting the liquid to slowly flow into a cocktail glass.

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