How Wealthy Salon/Spa Owners Develop The Wealth Mindset

     Unfortunately for many of you like me we have come to believe some unhealthy ideas and concepts about money. We started gathering these ideas as kids and they have stuck to us like glue throughout our lives.

What you don\'t realize is that many of these ideas may be holding you back from being a wealthy salon/spa owner.

When I was young money was scarce. My parents emigrated from a small town in Belgium to Vancouver, Canada in April, 1966 with four young mouths (my brother and two sisters) to feed. With two wooden chests of their worldly possessions and just under a $100 in their pocket we embarked on our new life.

My father had what you would call an \"immigrant work ethic\". He basically did whatever it took to feed his family. Like most immigrants the way to get ahead was to save as much money as possible so one day you could create a better life. As my father earned money we as a family saved money.

From a very young age the \"value of money\" was instilled in me. Money was important. You didn\'t take risks, you saved your money and you worked hard for every dollar.

When I was young teen I had a paper route delivering our daily newspaper called The Vancouver Sun. On an average day I delivered 58 papers through rain sleet and snow. On a good day it took me about a 1 hour and 20 minutes to do my paper route. On a bad day like a snow day it could take 2 hours or more. Lucky for me it rained a lot more then it snowed. It was my responsibility to deliver those papers so 6 days a week I went out alone and delivered those papers.

The money story I learnt from walking in the rain for an hour and 20 minutes trying to keep newspapers dry was that earning money was hard physical work. You had to be willing to get cold and wet and face hardship to earn a dollar. Every dollar was precious so you better save it.

When you\'re young and impressionable like I was experiences like these have a profound effect on you. There are a whole set of money stories that you absorbed as a child around the dinner table, when we visited our uncles and aunts, or at school or at friend\'s place. These stories grow with you through your youth.

We all have and heard money stories growing up.

Here are some examples of common money stories:

  • Money doesn\'t grow on trees.

  • Money is the root of all evil

  • Do you think we are made of money?

  • Rich people got that way because they are dishonest

  • We may not be rich but we\'re happy.

  • Making money too easily is wrong.

  • Money causes good people to go bad

  • Having too much money will alienate you from family and friends.

  • Rich people are unhappy, so having a lot of money will make you unhappy.

  • Which of these money stories do you hear growing up?

  • When you hear the same story often enough it starts to grow and take a life of its own. Eventually what started as a story becomes a myth and in this case a money myth.

    After while these myths become unconscious for you and begin to shape the way you view money and the world. They way you think about money communicate about money and make decisions about money.

    The reality is that these \"money myths\" become your money beliefs and your beliefs are always with you. Beliefs are not things you consciously think about. Your beliefs determine your reality and your beliefs run all the time at an unconscious level. It is like having bad programming that you are unaware of.

    Do you see how some of the money beliefs are holding you back from being a wealthy salon/spa owner?

    Let me give you a couple of examples.

    If you heard the story that \"Money causes good people to go bad\" enough times growing up, that eventually it becomes your money belief. When you consider becoming a rich and wealthy salon/spa owner part of you will automatically have an unconscious thought: \"money will cause me to go bad\".

    If you grew up in a home where there was a lot of fighting, stress and conflict about money, then money would become linked at an unconscious level to conflict. Your money belief would become \"money equals fighting.\" And every time you think about money at some level you\'d feel anxiety - the same feeling you had when your parents fought about money.

    To be a wealthy salon/spa owner you need to be comfortable about money and making a healthy profit. If money was scarce like it was for me when I was kids then you need to overcome what is known as a scarcity mentality and move towards an abundance mentality. Abundance is one of the most powerful money beliefs.

    Wealthy salon/spa owners have an abundance money belief. They know they are no true shortages that there is plenty to go around. They know their success as a wealthy salon/spa owner doesn\'t block a struggling salon/spa owner from becoming wealthy.

    Wealthy salon/spa owners understand that there is a whole lot of money moving around in the economy in good times and bad times. They understand there a lot of affluent people spending a lot of money in salons and spas so why shouldn\'t they spend that money in their salon.

    These same wealthy salon/spa owners understand there are also a lot of non-affluent people that want to treat and pamper themselves in a nice salon and spa. They know the secret that people find a way to buy what they decide they want..

    One of the common traits struggling salon/spa owners have is a lot of guilt both conscious and unconscious about money and wealth. Guilt repels money and wealth.

    To become a wealthy salon/spa owner you are going to have free yourself from the guilt of making money and a healthy profit.

    You are always going to be a struggling salon/spa owner with no freedom if you carry around all this guilt, fear and scarcity about money.

    Start thinking and acting like wealthy salon/spa owner who is comfortable and relaxed around money.

    Live in Freedom!

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    DJ Richoux is an entrepreneur and marketing coach with over 19 years of hands on \"street-smart\" marketing and customer service experience. For the last decade he has developed systems that enable business owners to realize more profit and satisfaction. As a salon marketing expert, DJ is revolutionizing the way salon owners do business delivering them more freedom, more profit and more fun. Visit DJ at:

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