How To Write A Maid Of Honor Speech That Sizzles

     If you have been lucky enough to be chosen as the maid of honor you should feel fortunate indeed. But along with the honor comes responsibility one of which is to write and read the maid of honor speech. For those of us who do not feel comfortable speaking in front of others this can be an unpleasant experience. Knowing how to write a maid of honor speech that will leave a lasting impression can be accomplished if a few simple rules are followed.

Being chosen to be a maid of honor shows how much the bride cares for you and that she thinks of you as one of her best friends. While much thought and preparation should go into the writing of your maid of honor speech it is important to remember that the guests are there to see the bride and groom get married and not listen to a bunch of speeches. With this in mind it is important to make every word count and say what you mean in the shortest amount of time possible. The wedding guests are not expecting you to wow them with you speech so that should take some of the pressure off of you. Mention important points about the bride by telling stories and incidents from her past. Make sure that they are appropriate and show what a wonderful person the bride is.

The content of the maid of honor speech will vary with the speaker. You may however have some questions about what you should include in the speech. When beginning you speech this is a good place to thank the bride for giving you such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of her big day. This is also an appropriate time to mention how you and the bride came to be such good friends. A moving or funny story about the both of you will fit in nicely. As you continue into the speech the topic should center more around the bride and her special day. Telling the groom what a lucky guy he is to be marrying your best friend and wishing them the very best adds a nice touch. When giving this type of speech remember the topic should center around the bride and what a wonderful person she is.

Giving a speech is hard enough. Most of us are not natural born speakers and the thought of getting up in front of others is not something many of us want to do. Add in the fact the we might not feel very confident in what we have written for our speech and it can be a recipe for disaster. One thing that might help make your speech a success is to remember to be yourself. If you act naturally and not try to be something you are not it will make the delivery of your speech seem much smoother. The audience will probably feel more comfortable. As you progress through the speech you will begin to gain the sense you are doing well which will give you even more confidence. So remember to just be yourself and you will do fine.

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