How To Reduce Stress And Achieve Work-Life Balance Part 3

     Are you a female entrepreneur? Are you also stressed and burned out? Ever wonder why? You
are trying to be Wonder Woman! And you don't have bulletproof bracelets, sweetheart. You are trying to do it all and do it all by yourself. You can't do that without bringing stress and burnout into your life.

One thing is certain for every small business person, and particularly for women since we take on more responsibility at work and home. You need to have your team. It's true; there's no " I " in "team."! If you want your business to grow (and I'm imagining you do, hon, or you wouldn't be reading this in your "spare" time), you need to assemble a powerful team of experts who can help you get things done quickly and professionally.

You may be saying to yourself, "It's too expensive to hire someone" or "Outsourcing is only for big businesses." But let me break it down for you, hon. You're ALREADY outsourcing!

"How?", you wonder. Hmmmm, let me ask you this. Do you cut your own hair? Most people don't. (Someone in a seminar of mine recently said she did in fact cut her own hair---BUT she was a cosmetologist so she could get by with it!) We don't cut our own hair--at least not if we want to look good.

Do you service your own vehicle and change out the engine? I don't think so. Do you perform your own surgeries instead of going to a specialist doctor? (If so, get lots of towels and select your coffin preferance!) So the good news here? You are already outsourcing!

Because you're already outsourcing for your personal needs, you just need to take ONE more step and become really intentional about it in your business. In one of my seminars, I have attendees create a list of activities and tasks you can outsource. So grab a pen, dear, and let's have you make that essential list too!

To help you get going, here's a list of some things you can outsource to someone else: website design and updates, graphic design, office cleaning, database management, blog writing and posting, social media management, record keeping, tax preparation, customer service, PR management, information product creation, email management, and a host of other "everyday" tasks you really should not be doing if you want to grow your small business.

Now once you've made your list, I want you to select those activities and tasks you most need to get off your plate--either because you dislike doing them or are not good at them. (A little secret: What you don't like doing and what you're not good at are usually one and the same! ) Now grab a business colleague or friend and brainstorm how you can get the help you need with these burdensome tasks.

At this point, Dr. Barnsley's miraculous HBDO formula will come in handy for you! ( No, don't shop for it at your local pharmacy; it's not there doll!) Be sure to tune in for my next article in which you'll learn how to leverage the HBDO formula. You'll find out the particulars for assembling a team who support you in growing your business, kicking stress to the curb, and leaving burnout behind you in the dust.

Yep pardner, gallop on to your destination of work-life balance. Even Wonder Woman has her sidekick Wonder Girl to help her, so get a team together to make history with your small business success.

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Professional speaker and coach Dr. Barnsley Brown loves helping people like you save thousands of dollars and start living the life of their dreams! Check out Dr. Barnsley's exciting e-book and audio package, Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life, at

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