How Much Did You Know About The Cafe?

     Are you a regular at the cafe? Simply how much do you really have knowledge of what goes on in the cafe? Sure, most likely since you are there on a regular basis, you have already realized that they make use of single cup coffee brewers (e.g. the Keurig B70 and the Philips Senseo Coffee maker) because they usually just brew as it is bought. But hey, there are other interesting things that go on in the cafe that you would be blown away about.

Several baristas uncover some secrets on what really happens in the coffee shop. Here are 7 of those:

#1: Size Makes No Difference

Certainly, if you see a bigger cup, you'd think that you happen to be getting more coffee. This isn't actually not necessarily true. Generally, the shot or amount of caffeine is just the same, the larger cup just has a lot more milk.

#2: Creating an Espresso is an Artwork

Many baristas are very happy to be experts of the art of creating an espresso. Perfectly, the shot should take 18 to 22 seconds before pulling. In today's prime coffee houses, if the shot just isn't perfect, they don't serve it.

#3: Baristas Head to School

Yes, no one can just show up and say "I want to work as a barista" without proving some accreditation. Baristas really head to school to know almost everything about coffee. Now there is really absolute confidence why they're called the pros at it!

#4: Quality Latte Art = Superior Coffee

You will know if it is a great latte if the art on it is elaborate and neatly made. If the heart design (or smiley design) in the latte keeps, it simply ensures that foam's regularity is quite good and the shot was completed perfectly.

#5: Not All Shops Sell the Genuine Thing

In all honesty, not every coffee joints out there really sell whatever they advertise. A perfect example would be promoting branded products; not every single shop actually uses the actual brand however the consumers just never notice it.

#6: Buyers are the Reason for Long Lines

No, it's not factual that it is management's mistake if the place has a long line of waiting customers. The truth is, clients are actually the reason why there are long lines to start with. People who talk on the phone or gossip with others are the major reasons of delay. This is because when their time to order comes, it'll still take them a short time to end their present discussion and some added time to decide what to order.

#7: No, Nicotine isn't really why Coffee is Addicting

A number of people are self-confessed coffeeholics. Why the dependency? No, it isn't factual that caffeinated beverages have levels of nicotine; that's an urban legend. The dependency is simply pushed by the body's craving for that "extra push".

These are merely 7 of the numerous other things that goes on in a coffee shop each day. Needless to say, using single serve coffeemakers is not that a very good secret anymore because these things can obviously be seen by every single customer.

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Not every single cup coffee machine is perfect for commercial use. Two of today's top high quality units widely used by professional baristas are the likes of Senseo and Keurig. Find out more on the Keurig B70 coffee maker BY CLICKING HERE and the Senseo Coffee Machine BY CLICKING THIS LINK .

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