How Do I Backup My PC Online and Offline

     How do I backup my PC? Most people Google this only after they deleted some file or files that contain critical data or simply because their PC crashed. Don't be in that bracket; how lovely it would be if at that time you would have already made a backup of your files and all you need to do is retrieve it from the secondary source. There are two ways to ensure that your files have a reliable backup of data, i.e. (i) on an external hard drive, and (ii) online for free.

How Do I Backup My PC On An External Hard Drive?

How Do I Backup My PC For Windows - purchase a good quality USB external hard drive that has a capacity of at least twice the data you need to store; 300-500 GB external hard drive will make a good investment. As soon as you connect the USB to the computer you will get a prompt that asks you whether you are going to use as a backup drive. Answer 'yes' and follow the wizard by clicking 'next' and you the computer will do the work for you. [Tip: In case you do not get the prompt for backup, type in the search box 'backup']; the search results will offer 'backup and restore' program. Click on that and follow the wizard.]

When you want to retrieve a file that you deleted accidentally, go to the start-up menu and type 'backup and restore'; then 'restore my files' and get your file back.

How Do I Backup My PC For MAC - plug in the USB external hard drive in the computer and you will receive the prompt, 'use as backup disk'. If this does not happen, click on 'system preferences', followed by 'select backup disk', and click the external drive you have plugged in your computer. Once you complete this, the Time Machine will do the backup automatically.

To retrieve go to 'Time Machine' on menu, then 'Enter Time Machine' and then select the file you want to retrieve.

How Do I Backup My Pc Online For Free

The external hard drive backup is an excellent solution, but it will not protect your data in case of a fire or natural disaster where your laptop and the external hard drive both are destroyed (or let us say, you have travelled some place and found that you lost your laptop and are not carrying your external hard drive disk). To ensure you have your data available at all times the best answer to "how do I backup my PC" is to get a backup online (and external hard disk). Don't worry there are many sites that will provide you this service for free. Among the top 3 are:

SpiderOak ( - this 2 GB online backup vault is favored by many because it encrypts the data submitted, which means no other person can see your data.

SkyDive ( - this online backup site is often quoted as the best because it is offered by Microsoft and hence, it is Windows friendly. It offers 7 GB space to those who are joining now; for old subscribers the space available is a whooping 25 GB. SkyDive however, it does not provide encryption so the files can be accessed/ seen by others online. Mozy (( - this offers 2 GB space and encryption of data as well. You can use it for both Mac and Windows comfortably.

When looking for an answer to "how do I backup my PC" it is good to choose a combination of physical external hard drive and one (or more) free online options - depending on how important your data is. Personally, I prefer to have all my files in one location safe and secure. So how do I back up my pc? I simply use My PC Back Up! I really like this service because it gets the job done! And the price is right. This means that I can access my files from anywhere in the world without concerns of losing my flash drive or that I don't have enough GB. This gives me peace of mind - priceless! Check out MyPC Backup here.

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