Horoscope For The Week Of 20th December 2010

     Weekly Horoscope for the Week of the 20th December 2010 from SpeakToTheSky.com

Aries. Visitors, or at least telephone calls from friends and relatives at a distance, will make this a busy and happy week. All the news is good and there is nothing to tarnish your holiday. You should have good news about your investments. These investments are anything in which you have laid out either time or money. You are very popular now and should receive many invitations. Our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Taurus. This year it seems that you have decided to spend your holidays more or less alone without all the hustle and bustle of people or relatives. You want some well earned peace and quiet with the space to do as you please, just you and a loved one. All the nasty surprises you have endured in the past are behind you now and it is time for you to relax a bit. Our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Gemini. This is a wonderful week for you. All the news is good news and the telephone calls will be coming from distant relatives. They have plans for a get together in the next few months. New work is coming up for you bringing increasing opportunities and more money. Unexpected visitors are arriving this week and you may have to spend more money than you had planned. Our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Cancer. Many visitors will be coming to your home for Christmas. The two days prior to then will find you in the kitchen as you cook and bake or help to cook for a very happy crowd of people. It appears that everything turns out wonderfully and your loved ones will appreciate all that you have accomplished. You will have made this a happy holiday for everyone concerned. Our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Leo. This is an outstanding week for you. The crises someone else created has now passed and you can relax and enjoy the holiday. Visitors and telephone calls from family members or friends will keep you busy. You are probably already celebrating the extra money and news of more to come later. Planning a trip or vacation is just the thing for this week ahead. Our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Virgo. This season you are planning to spend the Christmas period quietly with just yourself and a loved one. It may not be the usual type of holiday for you but circumstances this year are quite different. However, do not even think about working on your project that day or you could have an argument with your loved one. You will simply have to take the time off to keep the peace. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Libra. This is a very good week for you. You have almost everything you could ask for these holidays. Visitors, telephone calls and new plans keep you busy now. People from a distance will be arriving to celebrate with you and you may find yourself spending a little more money than you had planned. Throw caution to the wind because it will be well worth it for a nice visit. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Scorpio. Although there is not much going on for you this week, you can try to relax away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Just you and a loved one will be enjoying your time together with a little peace and quiet for once. Of course the emotional roller coaster continues for the next two weeks or so. After that everything seems to calm down and you handle things better. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Sagittarius. Now that the serious conversations are a thing of the past, you can relax and enjoy the week. People from a distance are visiting you this season and plans are being made for you to visit them later, perhaps during April. This is a happy week with everything going just as you planned. You should also plan on spending just a little more money than you figured. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Capricorn. Ever the practical one, this year you are spending more than you had planned on the holidays. Some surprise visitors will want your full attention this week. Last minute shopping can be done late at night when you figure there will be less of a crowd. This may turn out to be wrong as other shoppers will have the same idea. All in all, this is a good week for you as you relax after last weeks successful business deal. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Aquarius. Now that your crisis is over, you can begin to enjoy this festive season. You still have a bit of shopping to do. Some last minute surprise gifts for which you really had not planned or maybe for some unexpected visitors. Your emotions are still in turmoil and, if it is because of a new love, this one may turn out to not be the one for you and the sooner you realize it, the sooner someone else will come along. Go with you heart on this one. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

Pisces. You would like to spend the holidays quietly, just you and a loved one, but it is not to be. Visitors are in and out, the telephone is ringing and the people around you are very emotional. You also have a last minute gift to purchase and you need to find the opportunity to sneak out to get it and then try to figure how to sneak it into the house unseen. Good luck. All our Happy Christmas wishes go to you and your family.

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