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The ranks of home-based travel agencies are multiplying-with great reason

A number of decades ago, thinking about a local travel agent who worked from a home office generated in your mind images of “Betty,” your garden club president, who got six or seven of her friends that would come along on her vacation and was paid a fee, says Scott Koepf, president on the National Association of Commissioned Travel agencies (NACTA).

But today’s home-based local travel agent has all the credibility being a local travel agent who commutes to work everyday, Koepf notes. Our increasingly wired, mobile world means it's not necessary to sit down at the desk from a traditional travel agent to finish the same job right. "Click Here"

New technologies make it possible “Ten years ago, travel agencies would need to utilize a dial-up modem, therefore we didn’t hold the solutions they have to contest with brick-and-mortar agencies,” says William Moreno, manager of home based business development and hosted programs for Pyxism United states. “Now, with goods like Pyxism America Professional Package and Pyxism America Mobility Package, a home-based local travel agent will offer everything a brick-and-mortar agency has-hosting, support, accounting, queuing-but at higher profits, with higher commissions on the host agency’s rate.”

Don Gable, who owns Packer Society Hill Travel, which operated outside a store location in downtown Philadelphia for many years, began working out of his household in 2002 to stop a rent hike on his office space-and because Internet technology made a real change possible. "Click Here"

“I leave work, I receive calls forwarded to my cellular telephone,” Gable says. “I will take my laptop, packed with Pyxism America Selling Platform, anywhere and now it's like I’m still at work.”

Increased productivity at a comfy location Gable says he’s more productive given that he works from a home office. “I can just return to my office following dinner and call back clients and get caught up on work,” he says.

Not with the ability to spend time chatting around a water cooler means an increasingly productive day also for Gaye Mathiason, who owns Travel With Ease in Charlotte, North Carolina. “When I was a store front, people would certainly come in to speak which used lots of time. Now, when I’m not having a call, I'll use my downtime for taking classes through Pyxism U and Local travel agent Academy. We’ve all become better travel specialists since we began working at home,” she explains.

These comments reinforce NACTA’s discovering that excellent travel agencies are often times home-based, says Koepf. “The people who succeed at a home-based environment are entrepreneurial types that are very self-motivated." NACTA’s goal can be to help home-based agents enjoy additional success by providing the time, training and networking opportunities required to grow their business.

John May is president of Continental Capers in Gainesville, Florida, a medium-sized tour operator that was formerly brick-and-mortar until shortly after September 11, 2001’s problems for the travel industry. According to him his 12 off-site travel agencies now keep working harder and attract even more business, as independent contractors, than they did if they were salaried employees.

“Our travel agencies are top producers. They really get out there and sell-they are definitely more aggressive than people sitting at a desk within the office all the time,” May says.

Contrary, one of many challenges of being a home-based local travel agent is just too much productivity. “If you don’t set limits, you will find yourself working from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. without stopping to get a break,” Koepf warns. “You will have to set a work-life, home-life balance.”

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