History of the Life Wheel and How to Find Balance in Life

     Life wheels are a great way to assess our lives and they come in various flavors to determine various life aspects. But when did it all begin? Let’s explore some deep dark caves of history to see when people started gaining consciousness about life and abundance.

The first life wheel was introduced in Buddhism, where it was assumed that Yama, the god of death, used the wheel of life. It depicts the ‘samsaric existence cycle’ and was devised by Buddha in about 500 B.C. to assess a person’s inner psychological cosmosis. Buddha was the ultimate life coach and his teachings brought about a revolution. Since then, the wheel of life has rolled into different cultures in different formats.

Coming to the present day culture, you must have seen a number of wheels of life used by life coaches to help estimate where you stand in your life. Known by different names- wheel of balance or wheel of happiness etc, the wheel of life basically finds out how happy you are at a particular point in life. The problem with all these wheels up to now was that most part had to be done manually. You had to determine your happiness level yourself. This is not practically possible. You can visit any wheel of life and see that it makes YOU calculate your happiness. But calculating happiness using numbers isn’t easy. This is where most life coaching techniques failed. That’s when another wheel was introduced which was based on the same concept of life wheel, but instead of letting users calculate their happiness, it calculated their abundance in 14 levels of fulfillment.

From 500 B.C. to today

Today what we have is the abundance life wheel that has created a revolution in the field of life coaching. Since it was difficult earlier to determine a person’s happiness level, many times people with different requirements were coached in the same way, which yielded a very low success rate. With the abundance life wheel, it is very easy to understand how fulfilled a person is, and how much momentum they are having in their life, letting them maintain life and work balance.

How it works

Abundance life wheel gives you 14 levels of fulfillment and you have to rate each fulfillment level on a scale of 1 to 10. Once you have done that, you can move to step 2 in the wheel that lets you assess your life in a more visual way. Since human brain can understand visuals more easily than figures, everything in this new concept uses a windmill type wheel. In step 3, you’ll get to measure the momentum of your life. It is all automatic, and you get some results in each step. The only manual thing that has to be done is the entry of scores in 14 life categories. After that the user can just sit and play with the wheel to understand their life better and to create a work life balance.

The evolution

Why has the life wheel evolved over many years? The life wheel, or wheel of life, used to be religious in nature in the beginning. Since people in early days were inclined more towards religion, Buddha devised a wheel of life that told them how they should live their lives. In modern times, people are busy in their work and religion has been shifted to the background. The need now is to focus on how people can find abundance in their busy lives. They are unable to balance work and life. Abundance life wheel lets them assess where they are lacking and how they should cope up.

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Scott Epp, Certified Professional Coach, Speaker and owner of Abundance Coaching believes that each of us can live abundantly. Scott's passion is to help people discover what they value the most and live it. Are you winning or losing at your game of life? Play your Abundance Life Wheel game today to find out! www.abundancelifewheel.com

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