Good Coffee Is Not Complicated

     So, an old relative of mine made coffee all the time, literally ALL THE TIME. He made a practice of making a big pot on Monday am, and microwaving it throughout the week. You might not be surprised to learn that it never tasted good at all, in fact it was really terrible.

Here is the good news: making really wonderful coffee is easy, inexpensive and simply done at home. Below are some of our best tips and tools to get you focusing on the most important aspects to give you the very best results.

So there is a HUGE difference between a great cup of coffee and a watered down version. Whether it is a latte, an Americano, or just an Espresso- a nice cup is definitely a priority for a working mother.

Good coffee always starts with fresh (cool ) water. If you put in tap water with a bunch of chemicals, you can guarantee your coffee will take acidic no matter how strong the brew, or how great the coffee beans.. Whenever you can- turn to fresh water that has been filtered.

Grind your own beans. It sounds kinda " diva like", but truly the best tasting coffee comes from high quality beans. If you are making your coffee at home (and not hitting the Starbucks every am), invest in a good grinder.

Make sure your brewing temperature is correct. The optimal temp is between 195-205F. If you go too hot, your coffee will take bitter or acidic- yuck.

Don't rush the brewing time- the flavor depends on it. If you have a drip system, it should take about 5 minutes. With a plunger pot, the drip time should be about 2 minutes.

Avoid using sparing amounts of coffee. When water flows through the coffee it extracts all of the fabulous flavours, so using too little coffee will result in a weak cup. I like to use two tablespoons of ground coffee; however if you like it on the weak side, try it with just the one tablespoon or add some extra milk.

Keep your equipment clean. Cleaning containers and grinders every couple of weeks removes oily buildups - try running a strong solution of vinegar through your coffeemaker as this works well to dissolve away any mineral deposits. Just make sure you always rinse thoroughly before you use your equipment again.

Finally, if you're a latte or cappuccino fan, why not add a little personal touch by designing a pattern on top - or "latte art" as it's known. You can pick up coffee stencils from various home-ware stores so you can get as creative with your coffee as you like!

Brew Smaller Quantities: I recently discovered that brewing using a single cup method delivers more smooth flavored coffee with the very best flavor. When you can, choose this single version over the big pot brewers.

Use a good grinder: Grinding the coffee beans to a similar size is essential for great tasting coffee with maximized flavor.

Exceptional beans: good beans are super critical to a great cup of coffee. It comes down to the size of the bean, where it is grown, and the coffee roaster as well. All coffee beans can be roasted to any point along a continuum from a "light" to "dark" roast. The same coffee bean roasted to a different degree will taste different. When a coffee is roasted too lightly, it can taste sour and grassy because it is underdeveloped. The same coffee roasted too dark can be bitter, with a burnt charcoal taste.

Interestingly, as over-roasted coffees (burnt) taste about the same, usually your more inexpensive lower quality beans are used to make the very dark roasts. Try to use beans that have just been roasted and you will taste a huge difference. Kinda similar to the difference between fresh and day old bread.

In summary, great coffee is as simple as: great beans, good water, fresh grinding, brewing it well and using good equipment, and keeping it clean.

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