Free Weekly Horoscope For 23rd April 2012

     Aries Weekly horoscope. An unexpected account may take a little more of your money than you had planned, thus leaving you a little short for this week. However next week you will see it all replaced. You may need to help someone with getting a swimming pool or boat ready for the season. Now is an excellent time to decorate as you automatically choose the proper colors and materials. This is a good time to update your methods of operation.

Taurus Weekly Astrology. A strange like attraction to another person can injure your reputation later so play it careful and cool. At this point you are determined to go your own way and not listen to advice from anyone. You are playing at being independent but your lack of careful tact can cause you big troubles as a result. You may be just trying to give a shock treatment to someone but it does not really work out the way you imagine it will.

Gemini Horoscope. This week finds that you are working on your boat or on your swimming pool to get them ready for the season. You find that toward the end of this week your money begins to loosen up so you feel more content and more at peace. This is a good time to decorate your personal space because you automatically choose the right colors and materials. Some solid foundations toward your future can be laid this month.

Cancer Weekly Astrology. Your social and credit standing can be improved this week if you think things through and work hard at them. You may be inviting a few friends to your home for a nice get together and gab fest. Do not allow others to deceive you because you could end up in scads of trouble through them. Choose your companions carefully now and keep everything low key. This is not the time to just go along with the crowd.

Leo Horoscopes. This is a good and proper time for your spring cleaning and redecorating. A lack of tact because you want to shock someone does not work in your favor this week and could be used against you in the future. No matter what the provocation you need to remain your usual diplomatic self in all circumstances. This can sometimes be more annoying than the value of shock. Do not try a new look now as you will not like it.

Virgo Weekly horoscope. Someone is trying to shock you with their dirty words this week but you simply absorb it all and go your own way. At least this is how you make it appear. Some of the extra money you have generated this month needs to last awhile because next week it all falls off again. Do not change your methods of operation again until this June. You have already set everything you can into motion and you must stick with it.

Libra Horoscopes. TIf you want or find it necessary to change your methods or strategy, this month is the time to do it for a successful ending. Money may have been a little tight this past month but that is about to change much in your favor. This is an excellent time to redecorate your entire home or at least one room of it. You may find yourself into helping to fix up a boat or a swimming pool for a friend this coming week.

Scorpio Horoscope. You do not want to listen to anyone or take any advice this week. You would rather be independent and make your own hard and fast rules now. However you must consider that you might be wrong this time. It is best to listen to everyone and gather all the factual information before deciding your next move. There is a danger of you being deceived now and you must choose your companions carefully or wind up in trouble.

Sagittarius Horoscope. You are in a situation now where all you can do is attempt to react to whatever others do or say about you. If you want to take any action, you must do it through others or through a partner. It appears that something very important is building up in your life. By the second week of May your life may be completely turned around. Someone you secretly admire will play a large part in helping you through this commotion.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope. u may be trying to shock someone with your words or your tone of voice this week. Be careful that it does not backfire on you because the person may become very emotional. A nice opportunity could come through a friend or partner by next weekend but you have to make sure it is an honest deal before you agree to it. If you are very careful, this could improve your credit and social standing.

Aquarius Horoscope. Actions always speak louder than words this week so mistrust the words and count on the actions. Your lack of tact in trying to shock someone now could get you into big trouble so keep your words a little lighter than usual and avoid the upset for all concerned. You could be in danger of being deceived by others so choose your companions very carefully now. Be careful of whom you trust with your secrets.

Pisces Weekly Astrology. You have some very good ideas and plans this week but trying to implement them may backfire on you in an unexpected way. Wait for another two weeks to pass, and then try again. This is not the time to change direction or to change your methods because you could choose the wrong path for yourself at this point and run into big trouble. Your willpower is weakened now so choose your friends carefully.

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