Five Ways To Balance Your 24-Hour Day To Spend More Time With Your Kids

     Do you realize that you spend at least one-third of your precious time at work? You spend another third sleeping. This leaves you eight hours in a day to run errands, grocery shop, prepare and eat meals and commute to and from work. Maybe some days you have time to say hello and good bye to your family.

Which particular eight hour segment of the day should you think about changing for the better? What portion doesn't feel right? You do need the eight or so hours of sleep to be healthy, to keep your energy up and allow your body to repair itself for another hectic day. You need to spend time with your family to keep your sanity and maintain good relationships. Unfortunately, those errands and other daily chores aren't going to go away.

So, what is the solution to the change you want to make in one eight-hour portion of your day?

5 Ways to Spend Less Time at Work and More Time with Your Kids

1) Negotiate with your boss to telecommute a few days per week. Don't forget, though, working from home really is that - working. You can't spend the entire eight hours with your kids. You can gain the flexibility you desire to eat lunch with them and attend special events or even go to the zoo. Your kids can be engaged in quiet play while you sit at your desk slaving away on your laptop.

2) Look into a flex-time option. Can you work twelve hour shifts three days a week and put in a half day on the fourth instead of five eight-hour shifts? Can you work sixty hours one week and forty the next? Those long days are gonna hurt, I'm not going to lie, but the return you get on your days off makes it all worth it.

3) Find a daycare near work. Once, and only once, have I had the opportunity to do this, but it was great while it lasted. My son's daycare was right down the street from where I worked, so I got to go down on my lunch break and eat with him and his friends. He got to feel special that Mommy came to see him “at work.” I got to squeeze a little more family time into my day.

4) If your kids are school age and your spouse will go along with it, work the night shift. Kids are generally in school all day, so why not work when they are asleep? An overnight shift allows you to work when they sleep and you to sleep when they are in school. This is a win-win situation for all. This, of course, only works when your children are old enough to go to school, but believe me, that time will be there before you know it.

5) Be a freelancer or private contractor. The time for setting up your own business has arrived. Don't underestimate the discipline and determination involved in starting and growing your business. The positives of doing so, however, are numerous. You can work from home, on your schedule without worries over daycare, sick days or scrambling to make time for vacations.

Which ever option suits you, you are going to gain precious hours to spend with the people you love the most.

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