Finding The Best Pinot Noir

     One of the quickest reaction people have when asked about why they do not drink more wine or are unwilling to try it is they mention the price of it. Wine unfortunately carries with it a history of being expensive and unattainable. The irony in this is that for thousands of years, wine was one of the cheapest and most commonly drank beverages in most of the world. What made it cheap was that many people simply made their own. All a person needed was some grape vines, a vat, a little yeast, and the desire to get their feet dirty. It was only when history moved to the 17th and 18th centuries in France, the first nation to start to put a premium on wine, that the high priced market began to evolve.

Like any other economic matter, the value of wine is mostly driven by supply and demand. The less of something there is, the more a person can charge for it, especially in a subjective world where experts can agree that something is the best. This is similar to what happens in the art world. When an artist dies, all of their art work goes up in value because the world knows there is now a limited supply. Such is the case with rare wines and exceptional vintages.

Fortunately, this wine price premium is the exception and not the rule. Today, advances in agriculture, production, distribution, even the materials used to create the wine vessels, have helped to bring he price of wine down to almost unheard of levels. There are many highly rated wines available by the bottle for less than $20, and in some cases, a savvy wine buyer can find outstanding wines for even half that price. Thanks to the internet, people can read reviews from around the world, discover who makes a particular wine, and be fully knowledgeable about the wines they are buying and the price they should pay.

Of course, there is another exception to this rule, and that is Pinot Noir. There are two reasons why the price of Pinot Noir is always typically higher than other varietals from the same region and vintage, and they both have to do with that basic law of economics. Pinot Noir is an extremely difficult grape to grow so there is not a lot of it out there - supply - and thanks to exposure from reviewers, restaurateurs and even Hollywood, it is the red varietal everyone wants - demand.

This does not mean that every Pinot Noir is overpriced or out of reach for the average wine drinker. There are many exceptional and affordable Pinot Noirs out there, and, thanks to the proliferation of online wine clubs, many of them that were previously unavailable outside their own region can now be delivered anywhere. Anyone who loves a great red wine owes it to themselves to have a California Pinot Noir, so they can know what all the fuss is about.

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Jack Terry is a wine writer and lover who, thanks to the internet, constantly has a full wine rack with inexpensive California wines.

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