Fair Trade Coffee is Becoming More Popular

     Fair trade is a buzz word that we hear more and more often and that is becoming more and more popular among both businesses and consumers. In case you've been living under a rock and you aren't sure exactly what fair trade means, essentially if a product is fair trade this means that it is fairer to all the parties involved in it. In other words, if you buy fair trade coffee that means that more of your money goes towards the person who actually grew and picked that coffee bean in a third world country. The temptation for businesses has long been to take advantage of developing countries by offering them a lot less money for their work than they would someone working in the West and in some cases this would equate to hardly enough money to live off after days of hard labor in the searing heat.

Fair trade then changes all that and ensures that the people supplying the coffee beans get paid fairly and justly rewarded for their good work. At the same time though fair trade also means making sure that the business is kind to the environment and that the business is 'sustainable'. This then in turn means that the company is able to ensure that the land isn't ruined where the beans are grown and that the local business can continue for thrive for years to come.

Of course this is something that is popular among consumers as it means that they can buy their produce and feel good about themselves in the process rather than feeling guilt that they are exploiting the land and the locals. However it is also very popular among businesses and is a great way for any company to improve its sales and its reputation.

The reason for this is simply that people want to buy fair trade, and so by selling fair trade you ensure that people want to buy from you. By offering something that is kind to the local economy and environment you are able to offer something that is better than the alternative. In short if a consumer has the option to buy two lots of coffee and one is fair trade and the other is not, then if they're the same price the consumer will in most cases pick the fair trade option giving that business an advantage over the opposition. In fact in many cases the consumers will often be happy to pay extra to eat fair trade which then means that you can also profit from the process as a company.

This also of course reflects well on the company and boosts their reputation to some extent as people notice the good ethics of the company which they will automatically presume are far reaching. This means that they will generally be happier to support that company and to buy its products and all of this of course makes fair trade very very popular. That and what with being sustainable it also increase the lifespan of any business.

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