Extremely Bizarre Wedding Traditions

     Weddings have been there for a long time now, with every country having its own share of new and extremely bizarre wedding traditions. There are countries where the traditions vary amongst communities which make these marriages intriguing. One might be planning their own wedding or even reading up for a future wedding to come in trying to find ideas and some of the things one finds especially online are just bizarre.

Below are some of the extremely bizarre wedding traditions from around the world:

Three times wardrobe change - A bride in China has a difficult task when it comes to marriage. Leave alone the task of finding a wedding gown; Chinese women have to put on three different dresses on one day. This is meant to symbolize a family's wealth. Therefore as a start the bride wears a traditional silk dress called a qipao which is a symbol for good luck this is a loose fitting dress which covers all of her body except for her face, hands and feet. Thereafter the bride changes into a white ball gown type of dress just like most weddings and towards the day's end she changes into another gown of her choice like a cocktail dress. This unlike other wedding traditions calls for proper planning considering that the bride has to wear all these different dresses on the same day. It is a major task for some people to pull off just the wedding gown and this wedding tradition from china requires for three dresses to be worn in a single day.

Another interesting extremely bizarre wedding tradition is from the Scottish land. For Scots marriage is not taken lightly and before the fateful day of the wedding the bride and groom to be are supposed to be prepared emotionally and mentally for their lives together in marriage. By this the bride and at times the groom is subjected to dousing buckets of garbage a ritual called bride blackening. This is meant to prepare the bride for the messy obstacles that come up during the marriage and to strengthen them to be able to persevere.

One common thing that is noted all over the world is the bride trying to slim before the wedding due to the fitting of the wedding gown. This is not the case in Mauritania. Here ladies are taken to fat camps not to lose weight but to gain more as it is taken to symbolize wealth. For a man with a fat wife, he is taken to be rich and a slim one portrays that her man does not make enough to fend for his bride. Unlike other countries where ladies obsess about their waist fitting into a wedding gown in Mauritania the fatter the better carries the day.

Lastly there is Russia where a bride and her family usually plays hard to get to a man who comes to ask for a hand in marriage. During the formal request for betrothal the family and bride refuse and give the groom to be tasked to do before getting the okay. This could range from singing, dancing, showing how prepared a man is for marriage by doing silly acts like changing diapers on a doll and such. Where the family ends up refusing, a groom ends up paying some amount of money or jewelry as ransom to be able to get a bride.

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