Espresso In The Home

     Espresso coffee is a very distinctive and delicious drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Not many people drink neat espresso, but use it as a base for specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte.

But what exactly is an espresso and how is it made? Despite it's small size, an espresso really gives a kick and has an intense taste and aroma. It may be a comfort drink for some or a quick caffeine fix for others.

Espresso is made by carefully filtering approximately 2 fluid ounces of filtered water through finely ground espresso coffee, and the result is the equivalent of around 5 cups of regular coffee in strength. The resulting drink is very dark and dense in colour with a creamy layer on top called the crema and it is consumed as it is - without milk but sugar may be added.

So how would one make an espresso at home? Believe it or not, the potential to produce an espresso similar to well regarded coffee shop, is possible for us all. Espresso coffee machines are available in different varieties and they do not all use the same method to produce the final beverage:

Automatic espresso machines are now extremely popular and can be found in most electrical stores, which was not the case a decade ago. In comparison to expensive commercial espresso equipment, these can produce great results although not quite on par with the Coffee Shop. A good quality espresso does not come cheap but will be a great investment if you love the taste and aroma of espresso coffee.

Steam powered espresso makers are slightly unconventional and work lot like the stovetop variety but is fashioned more like the standard pump driven espresso makers. Used by some travellers and trekkers but on the whole this is not the most travel friendly maker due to its bulky style.

Pump driven espresso makers are the modern recreation of the piston driven variety and therefore very popular machine in modern times. Plug into any standard electrical outlet and pump driven espresso makers will heat the water as it is pushed through the coffee to give good coffee extraction.

Stovetop espresso makers are extremely popular with trekkers and tourists because they do not require electricity making it the perfect machine to carry around. However the stovetop espresso maker will not usually give a proper crema which some consider the most important part of a good espresso.

After becoming more savvy on what cup of espresso actually is, how one is made, and the different machines to make one, how does one decide the type of espresso they would like? Let's take look at some of the options:

ESPRESSO - Single shot of espresso ESPRESSO DOPIO - Double shot of espresso ESPRESSO MACCHIATO - Single or double shot of espresso with whipped cream top ESPRESSO ROMANO - An espresso dose with added lemon peel for a refreshing taste.

Others who may prefer different type of coffee drink can also benefit from more chocolaty taste or slightly more creamier taste by choosing: CAFÉ LATTE, CAPPUCCINO, and MOCHA CAPPUCCINO.

With the abundance of knowledge about coffee available, it may now make sense why the nation is becoming hooked on espresso coffee and why there are so many high street coffee shops around.

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