Enhance Your Coffee Drinking Experience by Selecting the Right Beans

     Only a coffee connoisseur can truly determine what kind of coffee can be brewed from a given bean. However, what about a regular individual, who only knows to savour the rich aroma, relish the velvety taste and take pleasure in the flavour of the coffee, without any knowledge whatsoever about the coffee beans. Some of the world's best coffees are made from freshly grounded and roasted beans. Compiled in this article are tips that will help you select the right coffee beans for that perfect cup of mocha.

Outline the basics

Several factors influence the taste of the coffee, from where the beans were grown to how long the beans were roasted. The way the coffee beans were stored will also influence the coffee strength. As a ground rule always, buy Arabica beans for your daily cup of joe. Other varieties of Arabica beans tend to have a bittersweet taste, which might not always be to your liking.

Type of roast

While selecting coffee beans, you need to consider the kind of roast you prefer. Decide whether you want light, medium or dark roasted coffee beans. Light roasted beans bring out the flavour of the coffee best, whereas dark roasted beans give strength to the coffee that is heady in taste.

Most flavourful coffee is brewed from freshly roasted beans. After roasting, as the time elapses, the rich flavour of the coffee is lost. So, make sure to buy coffee beans that are freshly-roasted.

Whole beans vs. Grinded beans

When it comes to coffee beans, you will come across two distinct options – whole beans and grinded beans. Grinded beans might be an easy choice to make, but whole beans offer benefits that grounded beans can never compare. Grinding beans just before its use will bring out its most intense flavour and taste.

In case if you are buying whole beans, make sure it comes in an airtight container to prevent the oil from losing.

Bean sizes

Before selecting a coffee bean, you also need to evaluate the bean sizes and smell. A good quality bean will usually have the same size and colour. Rather than opting for eclectic variety, look for beans that comes from the same origin. Farm-processed beans are any day a better option as compared to the estate-produced beans. Take a whiff of the beans before buying them; it should give out the natural aroma of fresh coffee rather than emanating staleness.

Trying out sample packs, can help you decide which bean is apt for you.


Coffee beans tend to take on the flavour of the region where it is produced. For instance, coffee beans from Africa generally have floral undertones, whereas coffee beans from America have more of a nutty taste. If you are die-hard-coffee drinker you can always experiment with coffee beans produced in different regions.

Water level

Decide whether you like your coffee taste stronger or light and use water accordingly. Using more water makes the coffee taste weaker, whereas less water gives the coffee a strong taste.

Refrain from buying coffee beans from self-serve bins, as they have been exposed to air for a prolonged time and have lost their flavour.

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It is amazing what a delicious cup of aromatic coffee can do to your mood and energy. For a perfect cup of mocha, you need to select the right beans. To buy coffee beans that are freshly grounded and roasted, visit this site .

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