Do You Fear Losing Data On Your Mac? Learn The Best Ways To Back It Up!

     Macs are undoubtedly more reliable than Windows based PCs. Yet there are chances of losing data from the Mac as well. Certain mishaps resulting to hard drive crashes can cause data loss if you do not back them up properly. Apple has with a lot of options for data back-up. In spite of that, many people do not bother backing up their data. Some users find the back-up procedure troublesome while other lack faith in it. Manhandling a Mac does lead to technical glitches. For instance, if you accidentally spill over liquid, it interferes with flow of electricity through the circuitry. This can eventually lead the hard drive to crash, causing loss of all your data.

Very few Mac users have a proper idea of backing up data effectively. There are online data backup services in addition to other options that you can use to back up data on your Mac, in an event of disaster.

Use Backup Utilities

If you happen to spill over some liquid on the Mac, you can try fixing the problem by drying it out for some time. But this may not always prove to be effective. Users who have faced this situation have reported problems that occur during start up. They said that Mac launched the start-up screen displaying the progress bar, shortly after which, it shut down on its own. That can be quite irritating especially if you happen to have important work stored on it. Of course you can sort it out by purchasing another hard drive of the same specification. But given the rapid progression of technology, the model of your hard drive may go out of stock at any point of time.

On an occasion like this, it would be very beneficial if you have your data stored with back up utilities like Time Machine, CrashPlan, Dropbox and SuperDuper.

Time Machine

Time Machine is an application from Apple that helps you back up your data using your Mac and external hard drive or Time Capsule. Time Capsule is a wireless data backup device that you can avail separately. It keeps backing up all the data automatically over wireless after the first use. As for the Time Machine, it is compatible with all the different versions of Mac OS X.

In addition to the data, Time Machine also backs up system files and settings, user accounts and preferences. It also keeps an extra copy of the backed up data. Most importantly, it is designed to recall the way your Mac looked on any particular day. This is where it differs from other backup software.


If you happen to have more than one Mac, get the DiskWarrior tool installed on it for further data retrieval. Load the second Mac on Target Disk Mode. This can be done by holding down the ‘T’ button during the boot process. Only the Macs which have either a FireWire or Thunderbolt port can be operated on this mode. This mode enables the user to access a Mac’s internal hard drive as external hard drive from another Mac.

Coming back to DiskWarrior, it is an app developed by Alsoft Software that can repair directory damage on the hard drive of any system. However, it is not a disk repair tool. It does not repair the original directory. In its place, DiskWarrior creates a new replaceable directory making use of the retrieved data from the damaged directory. In this manner, it reclaims all the data that is required by you. This app is built on advanced technology and has received rave reviews from users and critics alike.

Use two external hard drives

This incredibly simple technique is not much different from a single back up hard drive. Use two external hard drives, keeping one with you and the other away from the place of your work. You need to back up data on each hard drive and switch between them on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Nonetheless, if calamity strikes, affecting both the hard drives, you will not lose more than a week’s data.

Keeping a back up of all computer data is very essential. Users should always maintain a stand-by hard drive, and if possible, a system too. Web based services and other online data backup tools are the best way of backing up data. Retrieving data from the servers may be a tedious task, causing users to make heavy downloads, but that is again a much better option than backing no data at all. While rescuing data from a damaged hard drive, make sure that you retrieve the most important and valuable ones first. This way, you will have the ones you need more, before the hard drive gets completely shattered.

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