Creative Staged Wedding Photography Ideas

     Staged photos are usually associated with formal pictures but this doesn't always have to be the case. Traditional pictures of the after party and family should be taken by all means but leaving a section dedicated to impromptu and seemingly impromptu snaps makes for fun recollections.

Staged photographs don't have to be formal. Subjects can be made to pose in humorous, elegant or romantic ways and set against any backdrop that adds design. The idea we're going for is fun, emotion and creativity by the photographer to set pictures apart from the usual kind.

Focus on family

Most photos highlight the happy couple and it's true that they're the center of attention. But how about focusing on the guests and, in particular, their reactions? For example, once the couple stands in front of the altar, the photographer could take a shot panning the crowd by standing near the priest or behind the ceremony. The families and guests are brought into focus with the couple in the foreground.

Bride and father

The moments before the father walks his daughter down the aisle showcase some of the rawest emotions. Tears, smiles, nervousness and anticipation from both sides can be shot. Of course, having two photographers makes it easier so one can concentrate on the bridal march and the other can discreetly follow the father and the bride.


Children make the perfect subjects because what you see is what you get. They're all about emotion and aren't afraid of a camera. Shots of the flower girl arranging herself, the ring bearer (if it's a child) and the lot of them gathering to make their entrance into the venue are a few ideas.

The dance

The after party dance is a chance to get some great shots. The usual consists of pictures of the father and the bride, the couple, family and friends. To get staged shots, the photographer can let the couple know where he'll be positioned so that they can turn towards him during the dance. If luck favors, they may even bust a few good moves against a cheering crowd.

The groom and his men

Men are more boisterous than women and aren't averse to hamming it up. A lot of focus is centered on the bride and her maids and they undoubtedly are good subjects. But, the boys can be just as fun to shoot. Shots of the groomsmen carrying the groom or the entire group just having a good time with the bar or outdoor areas as the background are memorable.

The aisle

The aisle accommodating the wedding march can be used as a decorative environment especially if flowers are strewn on the ground. Most seats are decorated as well and can be used as props when taken from behind. Shots of the couple, the minister and the guests or bottom shots of the bridal party walking past are some ideas.

These are only a few ideas photographs can use to capture staged images. A walk around the venue, looking out for interesting people, keeping an eye for props prior to the wedding can help lay a plan for where subjects should stand or sit. There's no set rule for staged photographs and it's up to the eye of the photographer to decide what looks good, which angles make pictures 'pop' and how to bring subjects and environments together.

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Jamieson Dean is a modern and experienced GTA wedding photographer in Toronto . His style is a fusion of his classic expertise in wedding photography, with modern fashion, chaos imagery, and candid moments. Click on this website for more information!

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