Computer Data Backup and Benefits

     Due to the popularity of today's technology the average house hold now owns a pc or lap top and often these devices contain an abundance of irreplaceable items such as family photos or whole album collections, Sadly backing up these items is often neglected due to inexperience or just never getting around to it, From personal experience the loss of such items leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, therefore you need online business backup solutions.

A sensible option to avoid any such loss of data be it work related files, emails, pictures or just some random files you have but wish not to loose or delete is to back the data up. This is a rather easy procedure and cost affective, The process does not take to long but timing does depend on the size of the files that you are backing up, But in the long run it is a very beneficial procedure and is worth the time and effort you put in and can be a good solution to maintaining your computer.

Once you have decided on what items you feel you should back up there are various options open to you on how you wish to store the backed up data, I always put my items I'm backing up in to category of worth, Is it irreplaceable, will it take lot of time to redo and how often will I be using it. Once I have come to my decision the next step is what device will I back up my data to, and again there are options here DVD,CD, Memory card/stick flash drive or on-line storage such as the Cloud.

The options available here all have benefits and disadvantages depending on what you wish to use it for and store on it, DVD & CD are rather cheap to purchase and if you shop about you can find some rather good deals for a large quantity, DVDs in general have a larger storage capacity than CDs and as such can store more of your data, Both do however have a tendency to get scratched so if you are looking at using them to view your data often then it may be worth doing two copies of your back up and retaining one purely for the event of lost data.

Memory cards/ sticks / flash drives come in a variety of memory sizes and price does vary from size and manufacture, They are portable and very easy to interact with, They have a good life span as they can be used over and over again, Files can be added too and removed at a later date, Great devices if you wish to take copies of files to and from work and transfer data, If you wish to keep larger amounts of data and not delete then the bigger memory would be require and it would be worth looking in to an external hard drive.

The cloud (on-line back up) is a rather new way to back up your data but does have a large benefit to personal or business use, once you join the online network you get a free amount of space and at a cost this can be increased, Data can be backed up continually if required and accessed any where with an internet connection from a number of devises such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and game consoles. With the data being stored on-line there is a minimal chance of loss and as it stored away from your devices and home/ work is a smart was to have a backed up file.

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