Changing Lifestyles: Create a Balance between Work and Personal Life

     The professional life of people has become so hectic that the personal one goes for a toss. It is very important to strike the right balance between the personal and professional life as only both combined together complete your existence.

Jobs in India or in every country for that matter take more than 80 percent of your productive time, leaving almost nothing for yourself or family. Therefore, it becomes vital to manage time efficiently and make your presence felt in both the arenas.

Earlier times were different as people could judiciously divide time for family and office but the growing urbanization has not come easy. With personal lives at stake, work has become a priority for everyone willing to do it all to prove him/herself. Managing time for personal and professional lives has become an extremely important issue these days as everyone has joined the rat race. Some of the reasons for such hectic work schedules and eruption of problems related to dearth of time are:

1.) India is on a developmental path with the whole economy recovering swiftly from recession after proving its mettle during the tough times. But to resist the brunt of global slowdown, professionals had to work very hard day and night to prove their caliber and to resist lay offs. This helped them keep their Jobs in India but their social and personal lives took a backseat leaving them more stressed and frustrated.

2.) BPO Job hit the Indian work culture very hard with 9 am to 5 pm timings transforming into 24X7. People started working for entire nights to cater to the business needs of corporate honchos and multinationals. Several shifts from early morning to late night came into practice with youngsters willing to work anytime to earn a good pocket money. This changed the working environment as everyone was then expected to follow the same and work for longer durations.

3.) With a larger movement of professionals and employers, people had to start living alone away from their families. With no friends or relatives and without any social life, they began spending all the time in office for free food and other comforts. This made others feel insecure as staying for long in office became synonymous with hard work. Now, to compete with them and show off in front of bosses, higher number of employees could be seen working till late. It gradually became a part of the work culture bereaving those with family of their personal life.

The above reasons along with many others married people to their work and work became their whole life rather than just being a part of it. It is important to curb this down before it becomes too major an issue. Jobs in India or elsewhere would always demand time but it is up to you to see how you can strike the chord and balance your life. You can either choose to be a happy individual or ignore family and run behind success. You will eventually be successful but be careful before you loose the ones to celebrate it with.

In order to create the right balance between your professional and personal lives, try figuring out what is more important and what really matters to you. Prioritize your time and spend it on activities more important than others. Take out some private time for yourself and keep in touch with your mind and soul, never ignore your personal needs. But, this does not mean that you compromise with your job, it only needs prudent division of time

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