Car Accident Laws

     The automobile was arguably the defining invention of the 20th century. While development began in the late 1800s, the high volume manufacturing techniques pioneered by Henry Ford made cars easily accessible to the average person, and there are some 600 million passenger vehicles on the road today. They have transformed society, changing the way we do business and bringing together family and friends that are divided by distance, but theres also a downside. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death, and its likely that you or someone you know will be involved in a serious auto accident at some point in your lifetime. Even when they occur at relatively low speeds, the impact of a car accident is incredibly violent. In far too many cases, the full extent of a persons injuries is not immediately apparent.

Over weeks, months, or even years, debilitating pain can develop in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, having a dramatic effect not just on quality of life, but on your ability to perform basic job duties and earn a living. Because of this, it is critical that you have top quality legal advice when dealing with car accident injuries. More than that, you need a team. The fact of the matter is theres no such thing as a simple car accident case. Multiple drivers mean multiple insurance companies, each with their own representation. Hospitals,ambulance companies, and physical therapy providers all add to the complexity. There are thousands of questions to be asked and answered, and failing to address the right question can negatively change the outcome of your case. The margin of error is perilously slim, and leaving it all in the hands of a single person is incredibly risky. Proper preparation means knowing the case law and histories inside and out. It means doing interviews, putting together presentations, and filing countless documents. Did the location of the accident play a role? Where there deficiencies in signage, poor visibility, subpar drainage, or other contributing factors? Knowing the answers to questions like these is vitally important, and even more so if you were determined to be the at fault driver in the accident. Class actions due to faulty tire manufacturing, failed braking systems, and countless other defects are a reality. Understanding the complete nature of the injury can be equally difficult.

Nerve damage from whiplash, hyperextension of the back, or an impact to the head can develop over time, and without the firsthand experience of knowing exactly what to look for, its easy to underestimate the long term damage from you automobile accident injuries. Quoting David Kleinberg a personal injury lawyer in Miami: Car accident cases dont just come down to an action between two drivers. They can and will involve insurance companies, medical providers, local governments, and multimillion dollar manufacturers, all armed with their own high powered legal teams. The days of a single lawyer working diligently into the night are, like Henry Fords Model T, a quaint artifact of history. To survive in the modern courtroom, it takes all the help you can get. Make sure you dont choose the right lawyer. For the best interest of you and your family, choose the right car accident lawyer.

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David Kleinberg is a personal injury lawyer in Miami. David is an outgoing, gifted communicator who thinks fast on his feet. Trials are his gift. David has litigated hundreds of cases involving defective products, medical malpractice, civil rights, wrongful arrest/use of force, inadequate security, automobile accidents , falls, vaccine-related injury/death, even trademarks and unfair competition.

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