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     Have you ever wished you had more time to do the things you really love? Do you want to stop doing the things in your life that consume all your time, and be more productive with your time? Wish you had your own personal assistant to handle the details of life? You know that you can buy possessions, houses, and things. Well, now you can buy your time as well!Big business already does this on a daily basis, and you can too. You can live the life of your dreams, and it's all through the power of outsourcing.

Have you been procrastinating on something? Outsource it! Are you afraid of doing something? Outsource it! Do you need more knowledge or expertise in a particular area before you do something? Just outsource it!

We're lucky in this country.We have the money to buy many, many things. Now there is a new opportunity opening to us as individuals -- the ability to buy back our own time. Companies outsource activities that are not core to their business on a regular basis, whether it be information technology, administration, human resources, or payroll.This outsourcing enables the company to focus on their core business and the things that they do best.

It's time we used that idea on a personal basis. If you put a dollar value on your time, then you'll begin to realize that a lot of the menial tasks you complete on a daily basis would be better done by somebody else -- somebody who has more time, more expertise, or even just the internet at their fingertips. Rather than spending countless hours training in a new skill, you can simply outsource the task to someone who already has the required expertise, and spend that time in a more productive way.

The development of the internet has been both a blessing and a curse for the time poor. The availability of information has made our lives quicker and simpler. But the sheer volume of that information often means you can spend hours just wading through pages and pages of data to get what you need.

But here's where things get interesting -- you don't need be the one wading through that information. Outsource that task! Have someone else do the wading for you, and you're going to save yourself the hassle. You can spend that time any other you like -- spend it with your family, spend it at the beach, spend it making more money. However you chose to spend that time, it's become your choice -- which is something you didn't have previously.

There are a few challenges to outsourcing -- it can be difficult finding the right person for you.You will need to learn to delegate tasks efficiently and effectively; to ensure that you don't spend more time managing your virtual assistant than you would have spent doing the task yourself.

But ultimately, once you've found your perfect assistant, you're going to develop an ongoing relationship with them that will maximize the use of your time and free yourself to live the life that you've only dreamed of.

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