Boss Chairs Are Different

     You roll out of bed, hop into your chauffeur driven car and arrive at the building you work in. It's been a long weekend of class, with no expense spared for dinners, sporting and music events and the chance to schmooze with the best and brightest in your field. You're well rested now though, not really thinking about that famous person you saw at the restaurant. It's all about the work, it's Monday now and business needs to be done.

You walk through the revolving doors and into the lobby, the security guard gives you a friendly nod and you make your way up to the 39th floor, where your office is. As the doors open, people bustle around reading documents as they walk and looking up just to wish you a good morning. You reply in kind, and they smile and continue what they're doing. People are sitting at their desks, working hard for the business and they seem to be enjoying it - which is great because you've worked hard to make people feel valued and encourage them positively in their work. Eventually, at the northwest corner of the 39th floor you reach the door to your office, of course saying a polite hello to your secretary on the way in and asking about his weekend.

The office is big and spacious, there's a big desk and even a small sofa and coffee table to sit down and meet with people - or just have a long hard think late at night. You walk behind your desk, with its back towards the window, and look out onto the cityscape. Just for a moment you pause, you look at the vista and remember during all the hustle and bustle that you're the boss. Of course you never forgot, but occasionally these moments come along where you just stop and think about what that means. How it makes you feel, and how it makes you behave. You turn around to sit down at your desk to get on with the day's work. You see your chair, but it looks different.

Boss chairs are different from other employees chairs, or so they made you think at your last company before you broke away to try and make it on your own. Yours looks a bit more subtle, it's an everyman chair - but it's still got that sleek look and impeccable design. After all you've got to be comfortable when making important decisions. It's got a meshed high back so it breathes very well in the summer months, the building's air conditioning often breaks down and you think it's always a good idea to try and remain cool. In fact, everybody's chair on the 39th floor has a meshed back. A well ventilated worker is a happy worker, perhaps not very much of a sound bite - but accurate.

The chair's black wheels roll smoothly as you pull it out from your desk and take a seat. Immediately the ergonomics of it put you into the comfort zone, and soon you're thinking of nothing but the tasks at hand. You make a few adjustments in the height of the chair, your chair can adjust to whatever level you feel most appropriate, and you manoeuvre the lumbar support for maximum comfort. Everyone should have one of these, you think to yourself. And they do, you realise. At your insistence they were rolled out across the 39th floor, because as the boss you just knew that these were the ideal ones for your needs. You finally realise you were wrong. You realised that boss chairs are different.

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