Backup My Hard Drive - The Simplest System To Preserve Your Information

     Let's just suppose I have to to backup my hard drive. What are each of my options which may be achievable for me?

The good news is that, I have quite a few choices at my disposal, depending on my lifestyle choices, my PC habits, whether I go to work or I am in school, how much and what type of data storage requirements I need, whether I access my files frequently while on the move from multiple systems, a single laptop, a home computer, or a workstation at the office.

I could leverage a thumb drive to back up my hard drive. It's simple. It connects directly into your system's USB port and takes on the role of a "removal disk drive" where you can save your files to. And you can carry it with you, wherever you go. It can attach to your keychain, in your pocket, fit in your purse, fit in your book bag, or your briefcase. These can potentially store several dozen GB of data at a time.

I could use an external hard drive to backup my drive. It operates using USB, just like a hard drive, but it is bigger and bulkier, taking up more space. It could store several hundred gigabytes of data, however. it is not as easy to carry along with you everywhere, but it can get the job done just as well.

I could backup my hard drive onto recordable DVD disks. You cannot hold as much data on them as you can on USB drives, yet it is a reliable way to create a permanent archive of your files for simplified storage. Be prepared for these to become phased out in the future, however.

I am able to do it online via the Internet, to a remote data backup management facility. I just need to install a tiny backup agent onto my machine, and it handles the rest. It quietly runs in the background, backing up my files in real-time, twenty-four hours a day, to the remote backup facility. And when I need to retrieve any files, I can access it through a virtual network drive that is created in "Windows Explorer".

The other, more traditional solutions for to business backup solutions have several limitations. They are a lot more expensive. You have to front the costs of buying backup media, you have to pay for offsite backup media storage, transporting your backup media to a secure location. (If you were to keep your backups in your office, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the risk of absolute loss of business continuity, if something were to happen physically to your primary location of business.) You have to hire people to conduct the manual tasks associated with backing up your machines every night. You also need to pay the licensing fees for the backup software solution that you would like to make use of.

So the long and short of it is that a reliable backup solution can cost thousands of dollars in terms of manpower, software licensing, hardware, and licensing fees. It makes more sense to make use of an Internet-based business backup solution. Your costs are are next to nothing in comparison, since all you need to pay is an annual fee per system. The software, the manpower, the media, the data transfer mechanism, are all taken care of for you in the background automatically using software that securely preserves your files to a secure backup center across the Internet. And the data is absolutely secure because it is encrypted. Even if anybody else were to get to your data, they would not be able to view it, because it is encrypted.

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