Astrology in India

     India is said to be the oldest civilization on earth. This fact gives way to the conception that the civilization here is the most experienced one; hence carry more knowledge about the humane and environmental science and their association. The same has been proved by the Vedas and other famous sculptures in our mythology. There are many scientific facts which the modern science is revealing today but which had been scripted in Indian sculptures thousands of years ago. The astrology; the astral science and its impact on worldly development have also been in practice for centuries in India. The trend is deeply set in the lives of people and is practiced very much even today. There are many people who believe in astrology very much and do consult their astral setting before taking up any new venture or activity. In fact this science has taught us to celebrate each and every moment auspiciously. This perhaps is the reason why there are so many festivals celebrated and so many temples constructed in India. Astrology has always been a subject of great research and discussion in India since ancient time. There have been several renowned scholars who are known for the accuracy of their astral calculations and predicting events.

This science was earlier confined to the Pundits or Brahmin community in the country; who were also responsible to carry out worships, and offerings to the Lord. The time changed and astrology was included in the University as a degree / diploma course. This made it available for anyone to practice who found it interesting regardless of his / her clan or cost. However, even today there are many descendents of the famous astrologers in India who are still practicing it with equal dignity and are rich and famous around. The trend is more common in small locations of the country than in metros. It doesn't mean that the people in metros do not believe in astrology, they do, but it is often hard to find an effective astrologer in cities. There are few who are always located in remote areas so that people often do not get time to visit them personally. But there are always some enthusiasts in the cities who travel long ways to reach their family astrologer on each and every occasion worth it and follow their guidelines word for word.

Astrology is taught in several universities today. There are some very famous schools of astrology in India. There are many self trained astrologers in India who have been practicing this science as a profession today. There are some who have got this knowledge from their forefathers and now practicing it for their livelihood. Not all of them are accurate and reliable though. However there are some very renowned personalities who practice it with full dexterity and respect. They perform daily worship and rituals before sitting on the auspicious seat of astrologer and then make predictions with full respect to the privacy of the seeker. There are some good Indian astrologers available online too.

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Sidharth Puri is Author of 10 books on Indian astrology, numerology, vaastu, vedic astrologer , moles, astrologist , dreams colours, gems, astrologer & astrology.

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