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     You might be asking yourself what astral projection is all about anyway. Or perhaps you have begun to practice, perhaps even getting to the point of vibration, and are having trouble getting a little further. It's natural to ask for astral projection help when you're a beginner.

It is a journey which is unique to each individual. It is a skill that you are naturally born with, and that is within you, nevertheless it can be somewhat challenging to discover, or in this case actually rediscover, what you already have. One must remember the learning to project is unlike learning virtually any other skill that you know.

It isn't at all like going to school and taking the course and knowing the subject and you're done. And yet we are taught in our everyday lives that this the way we are to approach learning. We are to study some material, perhaps repeated in our heads, or become somewhat creative, but at the end of the day learning is taught through repetition and memorization. And time and time again, if you're like me, this is been a very successful approach to learning new things and new skills.

However, this won't work for astral projection. Let me qualify that by saying you do need to practice. However, you're not attempting to learn a new skill or a new subject. You are attempting to discover it. It's already within you, in fact, there are those that say that dreams are nothing more than astral travel.

Unlike learning in the traditional sense, the way you want to approach astral travel is to first set the stage to be successful. What do I mean by this? You must put the entire set of events of every day completely behind you. You must find a quiet place. You must attempt to reduce all outside pressures and forces to what they really are. Which is nothing.

You are attempting to connect with your inner self, call it whatever you wish. Call it your unconscious mind, your astral body, the labels are not important. What you're trying to do is to bring a mindset by which you are calm, and un-frightened, un-pressured, in control, but at peace.

This is the first bit of advice that I give to anyone that asks me how to do it. Do not focus on the end goal. Does that not sound ridiculous? Does that not sound as though that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing?

But the truth is it's what you need to do. First attempt to meditate, and don't put any pressure on yourself. It's true, that this works very very well for traditional learning. But this is not a traditional problem. In fact it's not a problem at all, it's an inner skill the we are simply trying to unearth.

So put yourself at peace. Find a calm quiet place and relax. Some practitioners will suggest simply laying down in your bed, and this works for some.

However, I prefer just to sit next to a window in the warmth of the sun. Think about all of the wonderful warm energy that you are receiving from that big ball of fire in the sky. Let it flow through you and around you. I also find that this is a excellent source on which to meditate.

Begin to relax, perhaps a familiar chant, or prayer, something that you can repeat that will allow you to eschew of the events and pressures of your day. Practice, rinse, repeat. This we will take from traditional learning...

Allow yourself to reconnect with your inner being and your inner skill. And do not be afraid. It's a new experience unlike any other that you ever experienced. The first few times that you attempt to do this you may be a little bit afraid. It's natural, it's as natural as being afraid of any new experience. However allow yourself time to get past. You will, and before you know it it will be as natural as breathing.

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