Aries the Zodiacal Ram

     Aries is a fire sign and corresponds to individuals born between March twenty-first and April nineteenth. Aries is also one of the four cardinal signs. Zodiac signs with this trait can come off as fickle. Very animated at first, an Aries quickly burns energy, escaping into a tranquil utopia in their mind, omitting what encompasses the world around them. Frequently shifting their focus from one thought to another, an Aries can be very impetuous in nature. Despite their shortcomings, an Aries can also be very amiable, forging relationships with people in very diverse social settings. As free spirited pioneers of autonomy, Aries are very extroverted. Aries are ruled by the planet Mars.

Aries have the zodiac number nine. The number nine represents benevolence, philanthropy, free spiritedness, ingenuity, and a talent for restoring harmony to chaotic situations. When an Aries' Numerological destiny number matches their zodiac number it can signify a carefree journey through life. In order to find out if your journey will be comfortable you must first determine your Numerological destiny number. To find your Numerological destiny number start with your month, day, and year of birth. Add all of these numbers together. If this answer is a double or triple digit number, simplify it by reducing it to a single digit number. This can easily be done by adding each digit together until you achieve a single digit number. This single digit number is known as your Life's destiny number.

Aries also corresponds to the element of fire. Considered a fire sign, an Aries is very alive. An Aries is very determined and driven to accomplish as much as possible in life. Sparked by the fuel for success, an Aries takes the bull by the horns and strives for the top of the power totem pole. Powerful rams, an Aries will use their horns to fight for and acquire complete sovereignty in life. Never fight with or test the ram! The ram will not back down and always triumphs over competitors. Bravery and courage are two qualities the motivate an ambitious Aries. Just like the animal, a ram takes advantage of their strengths, and emanates an incredible powerhouse persona.

Aries is the front runner of the zodiac since it is the first sign listed on the zodiac chart. Two major characteristics of this sign would be diamond-like strength and ram-like power. A ram when challenged is able to exhibit extreme strengths and massive quantities of energy. An Aries is no different, and when compelled to, they can also display the same power. Like the ram, an Aries is impulsive and somewhat of instigator. Aries don't have a knack for patience and they have a hard time just loitering. They have a need for speed and crave action. Spontaneity often compels an Aries to create their own excitement. Aries live for adventure.

Aries also have a passionate, provocative side. They are sensual beings who exude sexuality in all facets of life. Brevity is a must for an Aries as they prefer not to waste their time with wordy declarations of feelings or emotions. Actions speak louder than words and an Aries will definitely make sure their significant others realize that. They prefer to demonstrate their love and admiration for another with actions. When actions are just not enough and words are needed, an Aries can be blunt and right to the point. What sense is there to beat around the bush? To an Aries, without patience as one of their strong virtues, they have a tell you like it is attitude. Despite this, Aries are very popular, and have extensive social circles.

All in all, an Aries is lively and tenderhearted. An air of mysticism seems to follow an Aries as they live independent lives. Even with such a tough exterior an Aries is human in nature. For with any ram, when the tough gets going, an Aries gets tougher.

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