Are Your Files Safely Backed Up?

     This is the #1 pain most small business entrepreneurs have and it is the question I'm asked the most:

How do I safely backup my files?...

You depend on your computer systems to conduct your business each day. And yet, “Do you have a fully automated backup process in place... that backs up all your files?"

You are not alone. A remarkable small percentage of small business entrepreneurs actually have a comprehensive, and fully automated, file backup process in place.

It's not that the small business entrepreneur doesn't care about backups... it's not even that they think there is no need for backups. Not at all! In fact, the opposite is true. Most small business entrepreneurs feel very strongly that they need file backups... desparately!

So why don't they?

For the most part, it comes down to three reasons: they are too busy, they aren't really sure where all of their files and data are on their computers and they don't have a backup process that is simple and easy enough for them to do it on a regular basis.

If this sounds like you... you are not alone!

What is the solution to this problem?

Automatic backups.

The only way for the small business entrepreneur to have a 100% safe file backup plan is to automate it so that it runs for you while you sleep, it does all the work for you and you do nothing.

For years I've been implementing my 100% automatic, simple, easy and safe file backup system for my clients... and it's always been received with excitement, relief and confidence!

Here are my 3 keys to a 100% automatic and safe backup solution:

Key #1: Your backup solution must include both onsite and offsite backups. What does that mean?

Onsite backups: Your files must be automatically backed up onsite, meaning the backup itself is in your physical office. If you need to restore a file, you have it instantly. This is what most people think of when they think of backing up their files. But it's only half the solution.

Offsite backups: You must also have an offsite backup solution. An offsite backup means that you have a complete backup of your files stored somewhere other than your physical place of business. If you do not have an offsite backup of your files, then your files are not safely backed up. If a physical disaster were to strike and your office were destroyed, or completely emptied by theft, why have the dual catastrophe of having to rebuild your office and your business, because you lost all your files too.

Key #2: 100% Automatic Solution: Your backup system must be automatic. As a small business owner, you are very busy. Let's face it, if the backup process has to rely on you to run it when you have a chance... odds are, it's not going to get done systematically. In order to have a 100% safe file backup solution, it must run automatically for you... while you sleep.

Key #3: Notification System: Your file backup solution must have a notification system. You must have a daily notification system that confirms that the last backup was complete, or notifies you of any issues. Too often backup processes fail, and no one has a clue. You don't realize your files have not been backed up until weeks (or months) later when you attempt to recover a file and realize that your backups haven't been running.

The Solution: There is an inexpensive and simple solution that will give you all these advantages and more. My 100% automatic file backup solution brings the best big business tech advantages to the small business owner at a small business price.

I'm working on a video right now, to give you my solution.

Until then, if you are not already signed up to get updates from me, sign up with your name and email address on the right and I'll keep you posted. I'll email you when that free video is ready so you can have my total tech solution for 100% automatic file backups for your business.

Talk soon,


PS- I've been hearing a lot of talk lately about file backup solutions that cost thousands of dollars! Please, don't be fooled by that! The absolute BEST solution, the one that I personally use for MY business, costs just a few hundred bucks!

PPS- Please post a comment below. Let me know what your quesions are. What else do you want to know about automated file backups? What else can I tell you about 100% automatic file backups in order to support you and your business?

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Paul is the creator of techLatitude and founder of Martino IT, an in-demand IT consulting company, providing CIO (Chief Information Officer) level consulting to small business entrepreneurs. Paul has many coveted professional certifications, such as MCSE, CNE, MCDBA and CISSP. He also has vast expertise in many areas of IT including network engineering, IT security, virtualization, web development, database administration, programming, business continuity and disaster recovery. Mr. Martino grad

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