Achieving A Balance Between Your Home Business And Your Home Life

     When you are working and raising a family at the same time, achieving a balance between work and family life can be tricky. If you have employment outside the home, it is obvious when you are at work. However, if you work at home, the line can be blurred. This is when you have to pay extra attention to separating your work and home life. This article discusses some areas that you should think about to make sure that your business life does not get mixed up with your home life.

Your priorities determine how you spend your time. You need to make a decision on what takes priority, your business or your family. This may not be an easy decision to make, and there are many variables. For instance, it would be very disrupting if your child wants your attention every ten minutes when you are trying to work. Then again, there will be times when your child really needs you to help with something. You have to decide what kinds interruptions from your family are acceptable and which ones are not. It may be a good idea to have family meeting to discuss what their expectations are when you are working at home. Come to a fair compromise. You would not want your family to think that they can disturb you at any time; yet, you do not want to discourage them from seeking your help if the situation really warrants it.

Your family has to understand that you have a real job. Being at home does not mean that you are not working. To set clear boundaries between work and home, tell them what hours you will be at work. Schedule breaks in between and tell them that you can spend time with them during your breaks.

If at all possible, dedicate one room to be your home office. This room should not be used for any other purpose other than your work office. This arrangement has many benefits. It gives more of a sense of work when you are in the room. Since the room is not used for anything else, your family members do not have any reason to be there, thus lessening the disturbance. Having a dedicated room is also good for tax purposes. You can legitimately write off the use of this room as a business expense on your tax return.

Make sure that your children understand that your office is not a playground. Your work computer and desk should be off limits. Make these ground rules clear so that your children understands their boundaries.

Be mindful of your time spent in your office. It is easy to work through many hours without a break. One of the benefits of being able to work at home is that you are closer to your family and that you can spend a little bit time with in between your job responsibilities. Take frequent breaks and use this time to pop out of your office to see the family.

If you can balance these two areas of your life, you will not feel like your are sacrificing one for the other. Take advantage of this special work/home arrangement and make it work for you.

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