A Spirit For Every Occassion

     You don’t need a special occasion to indulge in the finer pleasures of life. You can take a small break from the tiring and mundane schedule and choose that perfect wine or scotch that can create an evening to remember. So whether you are
planning for a candlelit dinner or a romantic getaway, these beverages will ensure high spirits while you get to experience the time of your life.


Originating from Scotland, distilled from grains aged in oak barrels, consuming this spirit is a sensational journey.

Scotch is and will always remain the greatest export from Scotland. It is one of the most highly regulated spirits in the world. Magically distilled to perfection, the aroma and flavour will appeal to your taste buds.

In order to create this work of art, the barley is dried using smoke from burning peat immediately after malting and this process gives the whisky a smoky flavour. The two categories of Scotch are:

Single Malts: Made from hundred percent barley and one distillery
Blends: A combination of single malts, various distilleries and aged grain whisky

Sip neat scotch or else you can add a little water that helps one enjoy the flavour and aroma. If you wish to experience a fuller flavour, then you can also add soda along with some ice cubes. Keep these tips in mind for a delightful evening.


The many flavours and varieties of wine have turned it into one of the most sought after spirits and they go long back into history. It offers a variety that caters to various occasions and budget. If you visit a wine tasting event, you’d experience a long walk through the vineyards and the picturesque backdrop and appreciate the splendour of the surroundings while sipping into the wine glass.

A good wine will have a balance of these four characteristics; taste, alcohol, acidity and tannins. The tannins will soften as the wine ages while acidity softens when the wine undergoes chemical changes, i.e., during the acid break-down.

Tannins refer to the bitter compound that is found in stems, seeds and oak barrels where the wine is aged. So grab hold of your favourite flavour and delight in the warm fuzzy taste that leaves your palette wishing for more.


According to various speculations, Vodka was a part of the Russian culture and the famous distilling technique emerged in the 12th Century. The most famous vodka has been one that is made out of rye, besides the ones created out of wheat and potatoes. Vodka is also known to provide medicinal benefits, making it one of the most sought-after spirits that most people prefer sipping on to.

It is colourless, odourless, and tasteless which makes it one of the fewer drinks that can be mixed with an ideal base to create cocktails. However, the most traditional way to consume vodka is though neat shots. A good vodka has that soft aroma and the distinct flavour that distinguishes it from other spirits.


Rum is one of the most versatile spirits and has been the absolute favourites of very many great personalities, such as Earnest Hemingway (the writer). The production of rum began in the late fifteenth century, when sugarcane plantations were made use of and fermented to create this spirit. Rum is divided into categories such as white, golden, flavoured and dark.

It is also ideal for creating cocktails such as Mojito, Pinacolada and Daiquiris; which is also one of the most economical spirits.

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