A Guide To Know All About An Irish Whiskey

     Drinking and party hard has become a way to seek enjoyment and relaxation after struggling hard throughout the week or month. Weekend parties or a simple family get together, hard drinks or alcoholic beverages are becoming trend to be included. Whisky is considered to be the most favored hard alcoholic drink that almost every man desires for. Whiskey in itself is covering a wide category of alcoholic beverages, which are made by the process of distillation of fermented grain mash. They are further kept in a wooden cask to get old by age. The age of whiskey determines its taste and quality; the older the whisky is the greater will be its taste.

Irish whiskey, scotch and bourbon, they all come under the category of whiskey. Every individual prefer a different taste depending upon their preference. However, they all are prepared in a similar fashion with a bit of variation in percentages of the same staples used in the process. Rye, corn and barley are the some of the common staples utilized in the production of whiskey. First, the mash is prepared and after the completion of that very process, the mash is kept in casks for years so as to add color, flavor and depth in a particular whiskey. Some people love to drink their own country based drinks such as, Irish people prefer Irish whiskey, Americans prefer bourbon while Scotts prefer to drink scotch whiskey.

As the name suggest, the Irish whiskey is manufactured in Ireland and is typically unpeated. It usually gets distilled three times which scores one more in comparison to its other counterparts. Whiskey is also considered good for gifting purposes and a royal present to high rank officials. Irish malt whiskey possesses a premium flavor and one of the most admired one. The procedure by which this whiskey is prepared is considerably a longer one as compared to the other types of whiskeys. There are a range of Irish whiskeys such as, single malt whiskey, grain whiskey, blended whiskey, and another one is pure pot still whiskey, which is the most unique one among all mentioned whiskeys.

The process by which all these whiskeys are made is almost similar in nature like, single malt is prepared by using malted barley that gets distilled by using a pot still. The grain whiskey is made by using grain as the name suggests and it gets distilled by using a column still. The blended whiskey is prepared by blending together different kinds of whiskeys. And the last one, pure pot still whiskey contains only pot still whiskey, which makes it unique from others. This whiskey is available only in Ireland. They are endowed with rich flavor and splendid taste that makes them the best and most desirable.

Cocktails are also in trend nowadays. A mix of two or three different drinks added with a twist of soothing syrup and several other innovative ideas, makes a cocktail drink really interesting. Cocktails premix is another alternative and refreshing kind of drink that is enjoyed by the ladies too. It is pre added with extra flavor to offer a distinguished taste. You can get a wide range of alcoholic drinks such as Bacardi, Smirnoff, Gordans, or whiskeys like, Michael Collins, Bushmills, Kilbeggan, etc at online wine stores too. The major benefit of getting through e-stores is that you will be able to get even the rarest variety from around the world.

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