7 Offbeat Wedding Venues That Will Go Viral

     Picking the perfect wedding venue can be tough. If you thought getting married in a church or alongside a beach is too much of a passé, then you are not the only one. From the pit of a volcano to peak of the glacier, you won't believe the places couples choose to get hitched. Here are 7 such offbeat wedding venues for people with a quirky taste.

In a Coffin

It does give the term "till death do us apart" a completely new meaning, doesn't it? All the old birds that will flock to your wedding may blanch at the idea of getting married in a coffin, but you will certainly get a kick out of it. And for the décor, you can either keep it somber or festive, whatever takes your fancy.

In Space

If you've always dreamed of a wedding amongst the stars, here is something that will pique your interest. There are space flights scheduled to take off soon, and these flights will allow couples to sanctify their love for each other in space, if they so desire. This kind of out-of-the-world wedding is very much a possibility now.

On Twitter

You won't be the first one to do this. There are couples who actually got married on Twitter – with the bride and groom tweeting their wedding vows, friends expressing their joy through tweets and an officiant carrying out the entire ceremony with hash tags. If you are a social media buff, this might be something that appeals to you.


Getting married itself is a crazy act and what better place to start the mad ride than in an asylum. And mind you, you cannot disturb the ill people with the ruckus; see if you can find any abandoned hospital for the mentally insane from bygone times and exchange your vows there. You could be those "incurably insane" people who are in love.

Comic Con

If you and your fiancé are big time comic book buffs, it makes sense to get married in a comic con convention. You both can dress up as your favorite comic book characters and so can the guests. You can also set a theme, from Star Trek to Sherlock Holmes, take your pick. This is one way every die-hard comic book nerd will love to get married.

On Top Of a Plane

This has to be the craziest idea for a wedding venue. There are couples who actually got married on top of bi-planes. The vicar, the bride and the groom were each allotted a plane. The vicar announced the vows through microphones while the couple, through whipping wind, mouthed the words "I DO", sealing their life together forever. Talk about getting married in the clouds!

In The Jungle

If you are an outdoor person, who always feels at home in the "wilderness", then a jungle is a good place for you to tie the knot. You can dress up like Tarzan and Jane and even say your vows swinging through the trees, a la Tarzan style.

Before you sign up for anything weird, do make sure it is safe for you and for the guests.

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Picking the perfect wedding venue can be tough. If you thought getting married in a church or alongside a beach is too much of a passé, then you are not the only one. If a unique wedding venue is what you have in mind, then click on this link.

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