3 First Steps to Become a Better DJ

     When you're first darting out as a DJ, it's often hard to know what you need to be doing to improve your craft. The problem isn't that it is difficult to find things to help you out, is that there are way too many options it is hard to decide between them. Also, many of those options cost quite a bit of money and that is not really necessary to spend anything to learn to DJ. If you know where to look, you can get plenty of help and advice for free. Here are three initial steps to take to get you on the road to becoming a DJ.

1. Find a Mentor

When you're first starting out, it's a good idea to find the DJ you respect and admire and to observe him or her any chance you get. Pay attention to the way they set up their songs and how they manage the crowd. Eventually, try approaching them after show and asking for a few tips. If you come across as someone who is serious about learning the art, most DJs will be more than happy to help you out.

2. Use Huge DJs as Inspiration

What you might like to have the world's biggest DJs as mentors, this is highly unlikely to happen. Instead, use them as inspiration. Learn the story, learn how they got where they are, and visualize yourself following the same path or at least a similar path.

3. Learn to Mix Beats

It is true that this is not nearly as important anymore as it used to be, what with the advances in DJ software, but I do think that every DJ should possess the skill. And it's not really that hard to learn. In fact I read somewhere that some famous DJ said it's really just a matter of counting to four. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, it isn't an impossible task either.

You don't necessarily have to be beat mix live at your shows, since it is definitely possible and not at all uncommon for DJs to pre-create the mix at home and simply play them during their gigs. But even if you do this, you obviously still have to mix the beats well. You wanted answers to continue to dance without having to pause.

The first step to beat mixing correctly is to know the BPM of your song. BPM stands for beats per minute and can be calculated using a stopwatch while counting the beats manually. Many mixers actually indicate the beats per minute and if you are using software, you will definitely have this figure provided to you. Knowing the BPM of the song is important, because it will let you know how easily you can mix that song into another.

You also need to know how your songs begin and end. When you mix one song into another, you mix the outro of the first song into the intro of the second. If you are doing your beat mixing life especially, you need to know when the intros and outros of your songs begin and end, in other words, when the vocals begin and end.

As the first song is winding down, you need to have the second song cued up. Use one hand on the pitch of the turntable or CD deck to adjust the speed if the BPM don't match and use your other hand on the cross fader, to increase the volume of the second song as you decrease that of the first. You have just next to songs.

In the beginning, I would recommend mixing only songs was BPM are very close to each other. They are more than three apart, I would stay away from it at first. Practice with the easy stuff and perfect it; then move on to more difficult mixes.

I realize there will be many more steps before you are successful DJ, but these three will help get you started. Find a mentor early someone who can give you advice and look to the greatest DJs for inspiration. They get yourself some music and get to mixing. Practice is the only way to get good and you will need to do lots of it.

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Shannon learned to DJ at howtobecomeadj.biz and she occasionally guest writes at her friend's blog here .

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