10 Ways to Create More Happiness

     Reduce Stress and Create more Happiness

Beginning the day in the right frame of mind is very important. A positive  mindset sets the tone for rest of the week so why not get the most from your precious time. Here are some common sense ways to make your day better. This in turn reduces stress and creates more happiness. Take the Happiness test
1. Start out by having a great breakfast to fuel your energy. Proteins such as eggs’ and egg whites with vegetables lay the foundation for a brain ready for action. Unless you have done a workout; cereals provide too much glycogen which can lead to elevated sugar levels and fat gain. Blood sugar increases are followed by unhealthy lows. Good blood sugars are essential for good overall health. Controlling weight gain with nutrition will be covered in a future article.

2. Drink plenty of fresh filtered water. It will help improve brain function and prevent fatigue. It provides a feeling of being full and avoid bad choices in snacks.

3. No matter how light; a workout in the morning can wake up brain cells and get the blood flowing sending a message to your body to provide more energy for the day. Something like a light walk should do the trick. Not able to go outside? Yoga prepares mind and body for the day.

4. Plan ahead, what will you encounter on your daily journey. Pick your clothes and have them fresh and ready to wear. Pack nutritious snacks to keep blood sugars and energy contiuous throughout the day. It is important to have tasty healthy snacks to look forward to.

5. Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing relaxation improves brain function, job performance, and energy levels, and helps you make smarter food choices. This technique can be practiced any time any where.

6. Complete the Most Difficult Tasks First. Work stress is often caused by workload. Eliminate the hardest task first (and the one that takes up the most time)—become the opposite of a procrastinator. Gain confidence as you complete difficult tasks first, leaving your schedule freed up for the easier ones. Create "to do" lists  for yourself and gain confidence as each task is crossed off.

7. Take all scheduled breaks. You need time to relax and rest to replenish your energy. Use these times to sit quietly and practice reducing your thoughts to very slow or none. It is incredible how much energy is created by this technique and you will feel refreshed and more productive again.

8. Avoid office gossip, thus getting rid of negative energy. Gossip is a very negative energy attractor. It weighs you down and reduces your positive endrgy flow. Absolutely no good can come of it. Varying degrees of it may be considered bullying and we all know the damage that come from that behaviour. Just don’t engage in it and discourage others by gently reminding them of its damage.

9. Be punctual and on time for meetings and appointments to reduce stress.  Take the time during your commute to mentally prepare for the day. Plan out the day to ensure all goals are met. Appearing organized and in control sends a positive message to management and coworkers which in turn leads to more respect.

10.  Thank your self for a job well done. At the end of the work day you will appreciate the importance of productivity. You now have more energy for evening and quality time to spend with family and loved ones.

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