10 Effective Tips to Lower Cost of Wedding Photography

     If you want your wedding photographs to be nothing less than awesome, you need to shell out a good bit of money. Usually, depending on the photographer you hire and various other factors, your wedding photography could cost you between $1000 and $5000. The cost could go higher as well. Is there a way of cutting costs without compromising on quality? Fortunately, there are ways you can lower costs of wedding photography. Here are 10 effective ways.

Hire a photographer well in advance of your wedding

One of the most clichéd but the most effective tip you"ll ever receive is to hire a photographer much in advance of the ceremony. The sooner you hire, more is the money you get to save. Early birds always have an advantage.

Check out discounts and special offers

Browse the Internet or take a trip around town to find local photographers who are currently offering special discounts. If you find one of them to be efficient in their work, hire him or her. You save money and get quality.

Hire for lower number of hours

You can save substantially by hiring the photographer just for the wedding ceremony. Do not ask for pictures before the event or ask him to stay on until you take off for your honeymoon.

Hire one photographer

One photographer with one helper can save costs and do a decent job on your wedding. Limiting the number of photographers can save a good bit of money. However, make sure that you don"t skimp on the photographer"s assistant because he plays a major role in ensuring good pictures.

Cut cost after the shoot phase

Photographers levy charges for proofs as well as after shoot editing. You could cut down costs by requesting fewer proofs and reducing the photographer"s job after the shoot.

Cut down requirements

The cost of wedding photography increases with an increase in your requirements. In order to reduce costs, do not ask for separate photo albums for relatives. If your relatives want a copy of the album, make it clear that they would have to pay for it. This can stop a good bit of money from leaving your pocket.

Ask for discounts

No harm in it. Ask the photographer if he offers discounts. You could also ask him for suggestions to reduce overall costs. Photographers always focus on getting more clients. The more weddings they cover, more is the exposure they get and more are the clients they receive. So, don"t be surprised if the photographer suggests some good ways to reduce costs.

Hire a photographer who offers referral discounts

Several photographers offer referral discounts. This means that if you refer your friends to the photographer, he or she knocks some bucks off your deal. Some photographers offer as much as $200 to $500 discounts on referrals.

Ask friends to refer you

You could also obtain discounts by asking one of existing customers of the photographer to refer you. Photographers do oblige to their existing customers, especially when they get referrals.

Ask for a customized package

A good way of reducing costs is to customize the package. Tell the photographer exactly what you want and pay for what you get. This way, you avoid unnecessary features as well as expenses.

Wedding photography is expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. Use them and save money.

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